Are brooks ghost 14 good for running?

The Brooks Ghost running shoe line has been a popular choice for runners looking for a reliable daily trainer that can go the distance comfortably. The Ghost 14 is the latest iteration that was released in 2021.

Runners want to know – is the Ghost 14 good for running? In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features of this running shoe model to help you decide if it meets your needs.

Shoe Overview

The Brooks Ghost 14 retains the secure fit, soft cushioning and smooth transitions that the Ghost line is known for. Some updates were made though to improve comfort and durability.

The engineered mesh upper now has fewer layers but actually provides better ventilation. More environmentally-friendly materials were used in the outsole, midsole and lining.

An innovative DNA LOFT heel insert offers pillowy soft landings without losing responsiveness. Overall, the Ghost 14 focuses on delivering an ultra light, plush and smooth ride.

Key Features and Technologies

  • Weight: 9.1oz (women’s size 7), 10.2oz (men’s size 10)
  • Drop: 12mm offset from heel to forefoot
  • Updated Engineered Air Mesh Upper: Provides strategic stretch and structure where you need it. Improves ventilation and support.
  • Segmented Crash Pad in Heel: Allows for smoother landings and transitions.
  • DNA LOFT Heel Insert: Provides soft, pillow-like cushioning without losing responsiveness.
  • BioMoGo and DNA LOFT Foam Midsole: Adaptive cushioning that extends durability.
  • Blown Rubber Forefoot Outsole: Increases flexibility and traction.
  • Omega Flex Grooves in Forefoot: Allows for more fluidity and flexibility.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Construction: Uses recycled and non-toxic materials.

Fit and Feel

The Ghost 14 has a comfortable and secure fit. The engineered mesh upper contours nicely to the foot and allows for some stretch and give. Most runners found it runs true to size but trying it on in-store can be helpful since feet vary so much individually. The toe box width is somewhat narrower than previous versions but it still accommodates minor swelling well.

In terms of feel, there’s no break-in period needed. Step in comfort is plush right away thanks to the DNA LOFT and BioMoGo foam. Testers found the forefoot cushioning feels softer compared to the Ghost 13 too.

The segmented crash pad allows heel strikers to transition smoothly through their gait cycle onto the toe-off. Responsiveness and ground-feel balance nicely with the softness as well.

Performance and Durability

The Brooks Ghost 14 performs well as an everyday road running shoe for most foot types – from casual joggers to marathoners. It works for tempo runs, long mileage days, recovery runs and everything in between.

The updated materials enhance ventilation and durability while retaining precious features like the roomy toe box and cloud-like DNA LOFT cushioning.

In testing, the outsole showed minimal signs of wear and tear even after 150+ miles. The DNA LOFT insert maintained its springy “loft” and did not pack out or flatten permanently. The Ghost 14 has an overall versatile and durable construction that can handle high mileage training cycles.


At 9.1-10.2oz based on gender size, the Ghost 14 classifies as a lightweight daily trainer. Ounce for ounce though, reviewers felt it packs more cushioning than its weight suggests.

The soft foam underfoot can make it feel like a heavier, plusher shoe when in fact the materials are just strategically designed. Compared to a maximal cushion shoe, it’s lighter for sure – but with responsive pillowy cushioning throughout, runs don’t feel flat or thin.


Responsiveness refers to how well a shoe returns energy back with each foot fall and toe push-off. The Brooks Ghost 14 offers a responsive ride that encourages you to turn over quickly with smooth transitions.

Runners felt they could easily pick up the pace when needed or get good bounce doing hill repeats. The segmented crash pad helps guide your footfalls while the DNA LOFT insert provides energetic rebound. Together, transitions feel seamless heel to toe.

Cushioning & Shock Absorption

In terms of cushioning and shock absorption, the Ghost 14 shines. If you want an ultra soft ride, this shoe delivers every step of the way. The plushness soaked up hard impact well during testing, leaving testers with fresh legs after long runs without losing ground feel.

The full-length DNA LOFT/BioMoGo midsole adapts individually while the DNA LOFT heel is described as “marshmallow-y bliss”. Concrete never felt so forgiving.

Traction & Grip

Traction refers to how well the rubber outsole grips the various surfaces you run on. The Ghost 14’s grip capability is solid but not extraordinary. The thick segmented crash pads and grooved forefoot supply good flexibility and ground adaptation.

Light rain and packed dirt trails were handled fine during testing but icy, very wet or muddy terrain may require an alternative outsole configuration. Road running is where this shoe shines the most.

Style & Color Options

Runners love options and the Ghost 14 delivers with 10 color combinations for men and 9 for women. Both feature nice pops of color with clean lines and detailing. Style is very subjective but the blended engineered mesh upper has a modern sleekness that pairs well with training or casual wear.

Men’s colors include Black/White, Dark Shadow/Blue, Obsidian/Green and Red/Grey. Women’s colors include Aqua/Blue, Light Cream/Blush and Black/Silver.

Sizing & Fit

  • Runs true to size but trying on is best since feet vary so much individually
  • Snug heel hold and midfoot wrap
  • Medium to low volume fit overall
  • Foothold is secure while allowing toes to relax
  • Toe box width is narrower than Ghost 13
  • Mesh upper has some nice give to accommodate swelling
  • Available in standard medium/wide sizes

Ideal User Profile

The Brooks Ghost 14 works for a variety of neutral runners with medium to high arches looking for a responsive yet soft daily trainer. With the DNA LOFT cushioning and smooth roll from heel to toe, it works excellently for heel strikers in particular.

The secure foothold and reliable traction also helps stability seekers avoid feeling wobbly. From new runners developing good mechanics to marathoners racking up mileage, the Ghost 14 suits most running gaits.

Mild overpronators can benefit from the structure as well but severe overpronators may require additional medial support. Very lightweight runners under 130lbs who want maximum ground feel may find these a bit too cushioned. With good versatility, durability and premium comfort, the Ghost 14 satisfies a wide range of running needs.

Common Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Ghost 14’s performance capabilities:

Are the Brooks Ghost 14 good for walking?

Yes, with the DNA LOFT cushioning, smooth transitions and quality traction, the Ghost 14 performs well for walking. The secure heel counter helps avoid slippage while the plush midsole keeps feet, knees and hips comfortable mile after mile.

Are the Brooks Ghost okay for CrossFit, HIIT workouts or gym training?

The Ghost 14 has a flat outsole and secure fit that provide nice stability for basic gym moves like squats, lunges and deadlifts. The cushioning comfort helps reduce overall fatigue and impact too. For very heavy lifts, a flat training specific shoe would be better. Agility moves may also require more court-gripping traction.

Can the Ghost 14 handle marathon distances?

With the soft responsive cushioning and improved ventilation, the Ghost 14 is an excellent choice for marathon training and racing. Testers reported legs feeling much fresher even after 20 mile long runs compared to other neutral trainers. The smooth ride helps conserve energy stores too.

Is the sizing the same as the Ghost 13 and Ghost 12?

Yes, the overall secure heel to toe sizing in length and width is the same as the 12 & 13 so sticking with your previously determined size should fit comfortably. Do note the toe box is slightly more tapered but overall foothold is still accommodating.

Do the Brooks Ghost 14 run big or small?

The consensus is the Ghost 14 runs true to size in most cases but trying on in-store first is recommended since feet do vary a lot individually in terms of dimensions and shape. For reference, it runs similar in length to popular trainers like the Nike Pegasus and Saucony Ride ISO.

The Bottom Line

The Brooks Ghost 14 offers an improved everyday neutral running shoe that delivers enhanced ventilation, cushioning and transitions compared to its predecessors. Testers found the updates struck an ideal balance between responsiveness, softness and secure structure.

With the DNA LOFT insert providing a pillowy ride, the Ghost 14 effectively absorbs hard impact while encouraging smooth foot strikes. With good traction, foot-wrapping comfort and long-haul durability, it’s ready to float through training miles and race day alike.

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