Are Cloudnova Shoes Good for Running?

As an avid runner looking for a comfortable and durable running shoe, you may have come across Cloudnova and wondered if their shoes live up to expectations. With so many running shoe options on the market, it can get overwhelming trying to determine what is actually a quality shoe versus what is all hype.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Cloudnova running shoes, their technology, benefits, and whether or not their shoes are a good option for runners. We’ll also cover some frequently asked questions about Cloudnova shoes to help you decide if they are right for your running needs.

An Overview of Cloudnova Running Shoes

Cloudnova is a relatively new brand of athletic and running shoes that launched in 2018. They promote themselves as having a “cloud-like feel” to deliver maximum comfort and support. The technology used in Cloudnova shoes includes:

  • FLEXGLOW foam midsole: This proprietary foam technology provides soft, responsive cushioning that is durable enough to maintain its compression after hundreds of miles of running. The foam is designed to absorb shock and return energy back to your feet for a propulsive toe-off.
  • MAGIC Tape upper design: The tape overlaying the breathable mesh upper is engineered to provide a secure, customizable fit around your midfoot. It also adds some structure and stability to the otherwise soft, flexible upper material.
  • Strategic flex grooves: Grooves mapped out in the foam midsole allow your shoe to move with your foot through the entire gait cycle rather than remain stiff and restrictive. This enhanced flexibility paired with the cushioning results in a smooth, fluid ride.
  • Wide platform: A wide platform, especially in the forefoot area, creates an exceptionally stable base for landing and transitioning through each stride on a run. This platform is also curved to match the natural shape of the foot.

Benefits of Cloudnova Running Shoes

After analyzing the technology and materials used in the construction of Cloudnova shoes, it’s clear they are designed with the runner’s comfort and support in mind. Here are some of the prime benefits you can expect from this emerging running shoe brand:

  • All-day comfort: The responsive cushioning results in a soft yet energized feel underfoot, which is comfortable whether you’re running marathons or tackling everyday errands. Many wearers comment on the pillow-like sensation.
  • High energy return: The FLEXGLOW foam midsole absorbs impact efficiently so none of your energy or momentum gets lost with each footstrike. Then it bounces back rapidly to propel you forward into your next stride. The foam retains this energetic rebound even after heavy mileage.
  • Lightweight: Cloudnova designs their shoes to be feather-light without compromising cushioning or support. This reduces overall strain on your feet and legs when running long distances. The weight also makes them versatile for speedwork.
  • Breathable: The mesh fabric lining the shoes allows ample airflow to keep your feet cool and sweat-free when racking up the miles. This airflow is enhanced by the SOCK-FIT construction wrapping snugly around your foot like a sock.
  • Good grip: Rubber lugs patterned into the thick outsole provide reliable traction on paved roads as well as dirt trails and grass. Sturdy traction gives you the versatility to run hills confidently while also preventing slippage.
  • Attractive aesthetic: While performance is most important in a running shoe, it’s still nice to have options that look sharp too. Cloudnova shoes come in attractive color combinations and have a sleek silhouette.

With these well-rounded benefits in mind, Cloudnova shoes seem equipped to meet all of a runner’s needs.

How Do Cloudnova Shoes Perform For Running?

The biggest question is likely whether Cloudnova shoes stand up to their claims of being lightweight, cushioned, supportive, and comfortable running shoes.

Based on customer reviews and third-party shoe analysts, Cloudnova shoes do deliver when it comes to running performance. Those who have tested Cloudnova shoes for marathon training, half marathons, casual jogging, and walking report they are some of the most comfortable running shoes they’ve ever worn.

The FLEXGLOW foam and SOCK-FIT upper provide noticeable bounce-back and responsiveness mile after mile. The cushioning remains consistently soft without flattening out or compacting over time.

The MAGIC Tape overlaying the mesh upper is effective at locking the midfoot in place for a secure fit. It prevents sliding around inside the shoe when picking up speed or running downhill. However, the tape itself does not feel stiff or restrictive.

Runners also praise how breathable the shoes are, thanks to the ventilated upper. Even in hot conditions, airflow keeps feet cool and dry so blisters don’t develop.

The only downsides noted by wearers are that the toe box runs slightly narrow and the sizing seems to skew small. It’s recommended to order a half or full size up from your normal shoe size if you have wider feet. The traction could also be more aggressive for slippery terrain.

Overall though, the consensus is that Cloudnova running shoes deliver on their claims of providing a comfortable, cushioned, supportive ride for runners. They are especially ideal for road running and multi-surface use.

Are Cloudnova Shoes Worth the Cost?

With prices ranging from $65 up to $100, Cloudnova shoes fall right in line with other high-quality running shoe brands like Brooks, Saucony, and Asics.

Considering their innovative midsole foam technology, breathable upper construction, and durable traction, Cloudnova shoes present a respectable value at their price point. They last just as long, if not longer, than more expensive models from veteran brands.

While more budget-friendly running shoes do exist, you commonly sacrifice aspects like cushioning depth, bounce-back, stability, or traction quality when cutting costs. With Cloudnova, you get all of those prime features for solid performance.

For these reasons, Cloudnova running shoes are worth the investment. The price reflects the quality, performance, comfort and versatility you receive.

Compared to other shoes with similar technologies, Cloudnova’s offerings are reasonably priced. So you can rest assured knowing you aren’t overpaying for unproven technology or subpar materials that deteriorate quickly.

Getting your money’s worth out of a durable shoe that stays comfortable over miles of running is invaluable. Considering the construction checks all the right boxes, Cloudnova shoes present a good value option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloudnova Running Shoes

If you’re still unsure whether Cloudnova shoes meet your running needs, consider these common questions:

What types of running are Cloudnova shoes best for?

Cloudnova shoes are ideal for road running, treadmill runs, marathons and races, jogging on groomed trails and tracks, and casual walking. The midsole cushioning and flexibility make them suitable for long distances rather than just speedwork.

How long do Cloudnova shoes last?

Expect to get 300 to 500 miles out of a pair of Cloudnova shoes before cushioning or traction noticeably deteriorate. Their durability exceeds that of most foam-based running shoes. With proper rotation, they can last over a year for the average runner.

Do Cloudnova shoes fit true to size?

Cloudnova shoes tend to fit half a size small. If you have wider feet, consider ordering a half or full size up for the best fit. Their SOCK-FIT upper construction hugs feet like a sock, so the fit is snugger than typical mesh running shoes.

Can I use Cloudnova for CrossFit, HIIT, or weightlifting?

While designed as running shoes, the flat and stable base does make Cloudnova shoes suitable for CrossFit, HIIT, and moderate weightlifting. The foam likely won’t be as laterally supportive as shoes designed strictly for these lateral activities though.

Do I need to break-in Cloudnova shoes?

There is very minimal break-in time needed with Cloudnova shoes. The plush cushioning and flexible sole are comfortable right out of the box. After just one or two shorter runs, the upper stretches to perfectly cradle your foot.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

After getting familiar with the technology and real-world performance of Cloudnova running shoes, it’s clear they have more pros than cons:


  • Plush FLEXGLOW foam cushioning
  • High energy return
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Comfortable fit
  • Attractive design
  • Durable outsole traction


  • Runs small/narrow
  • Not ideal for speedwork or trail running
  • Expensive for very budget-conscious runners

For runners looking for well-cushioned shoes ideal for road running and marathons, Cloudnova checks all the boxes. Before investing, just be sure to order a half size up if you have wider feet.

Give Cloudnova Running Shoes a Try

As a relatively new brand, Cloudnova still has room to grow and expand their technology and shoe styles. But their current designs already compete with veteran brands when it comes to comfort, support, stability and longevity.

If you’re on the hunt for your next go-to running shoe, Cloudnova footwear is absolutely worth test driving. Take them out for a

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