Are Hoka Bondi 8 Good for Running?

The Hoka Bondi 8 is one of Hoka’s most popular running shoes. Known for its wide cushioned design, soft ride, and comfortable fit, many runners want to know: are Hoka Bondi 8 good for running? Let’s dig into the details in this complete review.

What Makes Hoka Bondi 8 Unique?

Hoka One One shoes are instantly recognizable thanks to their oversized, thick midsole foam that provides extra cushioning. This larger profile gave rise to the name “maximalist shoes.”

The Bondi 8 continues that tradition as Hoka’s maximum cushioned neutral running shoe. The key features that set it apart include:

  • Full-compression EVA midsole foam: Delivers a soft, cushy ride to help reduce impact.
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker geometry: Encourages smooth transition from heel to toe.
  • Lightweight open air mesh upper: Allows good ventilation to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Plush tongue and heel collar foam: Prevents friction and enhances comfort.

Good for Most Running Paces and Distances

With ample cushioning and a responsive ride, the Bondi 8 can handle everything from short jogs to longer miles to marathon distances. The generous cushioning softens impact to make them suitable for recovery days or easy runs. Yet they have enough pep for uptempo training days thanks to the smooth rocker profile.

Reviewers found the Bondi 8 worked well for daily runs at moderate paces between 9-11 minutes per mile. The comfort lasts late into long runs without excessive fatigue. The responsive foam provides a good balance of cushioning and energy return.

While they offer enough support for midfoot and heel strikers, forefoot runners may find them too heavily cushioned. Also consider that the high cushioning adds weight, making them less ideal for fast track workouts or racing.

Designed for Neutral Runners

The Bondi 8 uses single density EVA foam from heel to toe without any medial or stability posts. This makes them best suited for neutral runners with medium to high arches and efficient gaits.

Runners needing pronation correction should look into stability shoe options instead like the Hoka Gaviota or Arahi models which provide guidance. Underpronators can also experience discomfort in the overly soft Bondi.

Those with wide feet will appreciate the roomy toe box design in the Bondi 8 with ample space for natural toe splay. Available widths include standard D for men and B for women.

Comfort Features for All-Day Wear

While created as running shoes, the plush cushioning of the Bondi 8 lends itself well to all types of activities. The breathable upper and cushioned collar wrap the foot in comfort. Testers found they hold up for long hours on your feet whether walking, working, or running errands.

Some key comfort highlights:

  • Ortholite Hybrid insole enhances underfoot cushioning with antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties. It offers extra arch support compared to previous versions.
  • Mesh upper includes 3D printed overlays for structure while improving ventilation and flexibility through the forefoot.
  • Softer heel collar and puffy tongue include extra foam to prevent slippage and hot spots.
  • Rubber outsole strategically placed in high abrasion areas for durability with exposed midsole foam to reduce weight.

Sizing runs on the smaller side so bumping up half a size is recommended to allow a little extra toe room. Break-in period is minimal thanks to the generously padded upper materials.

Durability to Stand Up to the Miles

Running shoes need to prove they can hold up to heavy usage over hundreds of miles. Reviewers found the Bondi 8 to be quite durable thanks to strategic rubber reinforcement of high-wear areas on the outsole.

The breathable mesh upper also appears to be well constructed using quality overlays and materials. After 50-100 miles, testers experienced no signs of premature wear or breakdown. Of course results depend on running environment, runner biomechanics, and rotational use of multiple pairs.

As with all foam midsoles, compression is expected over time. But the durable rubber coverage helps safeguard the elements most prone to wear issues. Following a break-in period, the Bondi 8 should easily last over the 300-500 mile industry standard for replacement.

Where to Buy Hoka Bondi 8 Shoes

The Hoka Bondi 8 retails at $165 USD full price directly from Hoka’s website or Zappos. With its recent launch in late 2022, availability remains solid with plenty of sizes regularly in stock.

Select colors periodically go on sale around $100-125 on sites like Running Warehouse or Holabird Sports. Signing up for email newsletters can help catch discount offers and coupon codes as they come available.

Trying shoes on in person is always recommended since fit and feel can vary so widely from runner to runner. Visit local specialty running retailers that carry Hoka to test out a pair.

Key Pros & Cons Summary

Here is a quick rundown of notable advantages and disadvantages based on tester feedback:


  • Abundant cushioning dampens hard impact
  • Wide base feels stable underfoot
  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool and dry
  • Durable construction for 300+ miles
  • Good for long distances and recovery days


  • Heavy and less responsive for speedwork
  • Too much cushion for some preferences
  • Expensive MSRP pricing
  • Sizing runs short requiring upsize

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about the Hoka Bondi 8 trainers? Below we cover some commonly asked questions.

Are Bondi 8 good for beginners?

Yes, the generous cushioning helps reduce impact and muscle fatigue making them ideal for new runners. They provide a soft introduction without needing to immediately strengthen lower body stabilizers.

Are they good for heavy runners?

The ample cushioning and support makes the Bondi series a top choice for heavier runners over 200 lbs. The foam effectively absorbs shock without excessive compression or breaking down prematurely.

How do Bondi 8 compare to Clifton or Mach models?

The Mach line serves as Hoka’s lightweight speed-focused shoe while the Clifton provides a middle ground cushioning good for daily miles. Bondi 8 has maximum cushioning best for recovery, long miles, and heavier runners.

Can you use Bondi 8 for walking?

Definitely. While created as running shoes, the plush cushioning works extremely well for extended time on your feet including walking, working, or hiking. Just know the curved profile takes some adjustment from traditional walking shoes.

Do they fit wide feet?

Yes, the available widths combined with generous toe box space make the Bondi 8 one of Hoka’s best options for wide feet. Just account for their slightly short fit by sizing up 0.5 sizes.


The Hoka Bondi 8 earns its title as a top maximalist running shoe packed with pillowy cushioning. The smooth ride works well for neutral runners across an array of paces and distances from short jogs up to marathon level mileage.

Durable components offer long lasting comfort even for all day wear. Just account for their unique appearances and break-in time while considering if the puffy profile matches your preferences. Overall the plush Bondi 8 makes running and walking a downright cushy delight your feet will thank you for.

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