Are new balances good for running

Running requires a dependable pair of shoes to help you log those miles comfortably and efficiently. New Balance has established itself as one of the top names in athletic shoe manufacturing.

Known for their signature running kicks equipped with ABZORB cushioning and innovative stability technologies, New Balance has gained a steady following among the running community.

But are New Balance shoes actually well-suited for running? Let’s dive in and explore the key features that make New Balance shoes a top choice for runners.


New Balance uses a mix of cushioning systems and materials to absorb shock and provide a plush feel underfoot. Several high-end and maximum cushioning models like the Fresh Foam More v3 feature at least 20mm of ultra-soft midsole foam.

More moderate models frequently employ a dual-density foam insert called ABZORB which works exceptionally well for low to medium mileage neutral runners.

The segmented crash pad design flexes to adapt to your foot’s shape and absorb impact for a smooth heel to toe transition. Lightweight cushioning materials like blown rubber and ACTEVA cushioning allow you to float over the ground using less energy.

For long runs, the generous yet responsive cushioning helps prevent joint pain, muscle fatigue and typical running aches.

Traction & Durability

Runners require dependable traction season after season to maintain pace on varied surfaces. New Balance utilizes grippy solid rubber outsoles on nearly all of their road running shoes to help prevent slips.

Trail runners and mild off-road models integrate more aggressive multidirectional lugs for challenging muddy and rocky terrain. Premium running shoes from the 990v5 series to the 1500v6 feature high-quality blown rubber outsoles and Vibram rubber for impressive durability mile after mile.

The rugged materials hold up well against abrasive surfaces and can often last over 500 miles. For road runners that do most of their training on pavement and treadmills, certain classic neutral cushioning models like the 860v12 can last between 300 to 500 miles.

Support Features

To help athletes run safely and efficiently for miles at a time, New Balance integrates a variety of stabilizing components like arch cookie inserts, medial posts, heel counters and structured upper materials.

Iconic stability models like the 1340v5 and 1540v3 work exceptionally well for mild to moderate overpronators thanks to the PL-1 last, premium motion control systems and Rollbar technology.

Neutral lightweight cushioning shoes like the FuelCell Rebel v2 and Fresh Foam X 880v12 suit runners with a more biomechanically efficient gait. Strategically designed overlays, integrated knit uppers and gusseted tongues provide a secure adjustable fit to keep your foot stable and supported throughout each stride.

Such features help improve running form, prevent rolling ankles and lower injury risk from IT band syndrome to plantar fasciitis.


Logging endless miles leads to hot sweaty feet, so breathable mesh materials and ventilation ports are crucial. New Balance utilizes air mesh fabrics and no-sew overlays on performance models like the Fresh Foam Tempo v2 and Hierro v6.

Strategically placed spot ventilation keeps the air circulating around your toes to prevent the growth of odor and fungus. Lightweight breathable models work exceptionally well for warm long runs while ultra protective waterproof running shoes better suit cold and wet training.

Depending on your running seasons and environments, consider the climate before opting for a highly breathable pair.

Responsive Feel

Unlike bulky stability trainers of the past, New Balance manages to keep even supportive shoes light and lively. A narrowed heel to toe drop around 8mm combined with energetic midsole foams gives you a responsive toe-off with each step.

New Balance implemented innovative nitrogen infusion and data-driven design into the acclaimed FuelCell line including the RC Elite v2 racing flat worn by elite marathoners. The propulsive performance shoes deliver an exceptionally snappy responsive ride that seems to push you forward with less perceived effort.

Such technology allows runners to achieve faster paces and makes tempo training or interval sessions less intimidating. You’ll also find elastic laces and knit mesh uppers that move with your stride to avoid restricting motion.


In competitive running, every ounce makes a difference in efficiency and stamina. New Balance uses cutting edge foam materials and seamless one-piece uppers to keep even maximum cushioning shoes relatively lightweight. Popular picks like the 880v12 stability shoe and Fresh Foam 1080v12 premium neutral trainer weigh under 11 ounces to avoid burdening your feet.

Such design allows for quicker turnover, a reduced feeling of fatigue and enough pep in your step for speed work or tempo runs. Race day shoes drop down dramatically in weight – with performance models like the 1500v6 dipping below 7 ounces.

Other racing flats like the 5280v3 spikeless racers utilize welded filmsynthetic and a carbon fiber plate for an otherworldly light feel to give you every advantage when racing against the clock.

Fit & Sizing

The right fit can make or break a runner’s experience logging miles. New Balance running shoes come equipped with standard medium width options along with wide and extra wide sizes.

Certain collections such as the Made in US/UK 990 series also offer narrow options for those with especially slim feet. This inclusive range of widths combined with the signature fantomfit upper construction gives most runners a secure customizable fit.

An external heel counter and bootie construction helps lock down your ankle while the partial bootie sleeve avoids uncomfortable rubbing and hot spots.

Due to variances in materials and production methods, sizing does vary slightly across categories. It’s wise to try shoes on in-store when possible or order a half size up/down to dial in your perfect fit.

Style & Color Choice

If you’re going to be wearing something almost every day on your feet, style matters. New Balance sets itself apart from other leading athletic brands by offering far more color variety across collections.

Even beyond basic neutrals, you’ll find vibrant neon yellows, grays, fresh greens and cool tones across core running lines. Collab partnerships, special NYC editions and seasonal color refreshes give you plenty of options to show off your personality on your run.

More technical models feature reflective elements for safety and visibility when logging miles in low light environments. Outside of pure performance, New Balance expands into the athleisure realm with on-trend casual sneakers inspired by their iconic running shoe heritage.

Value & Budget Options

With premium running shoes ranging around $180 these days, breaking into triple digits hurts. New Balance offers more affordable options under the Fresh Foam line with introductory models starting around $80.

Lightweight neutral performance trainers like the Fresh Foam Tempo and Cruzv2 retail under $100 to give casual runners reliable mileage without breaking the bank.

The well-rounded Fresh Foam Roav line also comes in under budget friendly $100 price points in men’s and women’s sizing. For those wanting premium features and technology without eclipsing $150, check out the comparable value found in the higher mileage 1080v12, Prism v2 and Vongo v5.

When choosing the right New Balance running shoe, consider your foot type, training routine, priorities and running environment. Heavier mileage neutral runners may appreciate the reliable cushioning workhorse found in the 1080v12.

Nimble racers and interval enthusiasts may find a responsive snappy magic carpet feel racing in the 1500v6. Mild to moderate overpronators can log endless miles in the stability and guidance offered by mainstays like the 860v12.

Trail enthusiasts can traverse unpredictable terrain wearing the durable protective Hierro v6. At the end of the day, New Balance crafts some of the most comfortable, long-lasting and performance ready running shoes on the market to meet you at every mile.


Here are some additional frequently asked questions about New Balance running shoes:

Are New Balance running shoes durable?

Yes, New Balance running shoes are quite durable thanks to premium materials like blown rubber, Vibram and NDurance outsoles. Many neutral cushioning and stability models last 300-500 miles.

Do New Balance running shoes fit true to size?

New Balance tends to fit true to size for those with medium width feet. However, due to variances across models, sizing up or down a 1⁄2 size is sometimes necessary if you have especially narrow or wide feet.

What technology makes New Balance shoes good for running?

Key technologies include ABZORB foam, nitrogen-infused FuelCell cushioning, Rollbar support and Fresh Foam midsoles crafted for the ideal blend of softness and responsiveness.

Which New Balance shoe is best for marathon training?

The Fresh Foam More v3 provides plush flexible cushioning for high mileage marathon trainees while the 1080v12 is a lightweight workhorse able to log endless miles.

Are New Balance trail running shoes suitable for everyday use?

Yes, trail running shoes like the Hierro v6 and 510v6 can double as rugged daily trainers thanks to the protective toe bumper, durable outsole and secure fit.

What is the most expensive New Balance running shoe?

Currently the most expensive model is the Made in US 990v6 which retails around $400. However, the majority of running shoes sell for under $200 like the FuelCell RC Elite v2 used for racing.

Do New Balance running shoes have arch support?

Yes, New Balance integrates medial and arch cookie supports into stability models like the 1340v5 and Vongo v5. Neutral cushioning models often have a curved last and foam inserts supporting moderate arches.

How long do New Balance running shoes last?

With proper rotation, most New Balance running shoes last between 300 to 500 miles. Racing flats tend to retire closer to 300 miles while premium cushioning models approach 500+ miles.

I hope this detailed overview helps explain why New Balance running shoes make an excellent choice for runners of all levels! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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