Are Nobull Shoes Good For Running?

With their sleek design and eye-catching color options, Nobull shoes certainly look like they could be great for running. But are Nobull training shoes actually suitable for pounding the pavement? Let’s take a closer look at what Nobull shoes have to offer for runners.

The Basics of Nobull Shoes

Nobull was founded in 2015 by athletes who wanted to create durable and versatile footwear that could handle tough workouts. Nobull shoes have a minimalist design with a one-piece upper made from Superfabric, which is durable, breathable, and abrasion-resistant. The outsoles are also designed for traction and flexibility to handle different types of workouts.

Nobull shoes are best known as cross-training shoes rather than specialized running shoes. But they offer features that could appeal to runners, including:

  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Breathable upper material to keep feet cool
  • Multi-terrain outsole for traction on various surfaces
  • Moderate cushioning in midsole
  • Roomy toe box allows toes to splay naturally

So while Nobull shoes aren’t marketed specifically as running shoes, their overall design characteristics suggest they could work for some runners under certain conditions.

Are Nobull Shoes Ideal for Running?

The biggest downside of Nobull shoes for running is that they lack some key features you’d find in traditional running shoes. Specifically:

  • Not enough cushioning for long miles
  • Lack stability features to control overpronation
  • Minimal arch support for injury prevention
  • Not equipped for wet/cold weather running

The moderate cushioning in Nobull shoe midsoles provides some impact absorption. But most runners would likely want more cushioning for high-mileage road running or long training sessions.

Also, Nobull shoes don’t have medial posts or otherpronation control elements often built into stability running shoes. So these wouldn’t be an ideal pick for severe overpronators.

When Should You Run in Nobull Shoes?

Nobull shoes could work well for certain types of running, including:

  • Short to moderate distance road running (up to 5K or 10K distance)
  • Trail or cross country running
  • Treadmill runs
  • Track workouts or fartlek training
  • Running mixed into CrossFit or HIIT-style training

The exposed foam midsole, breathable upper, and sticky rubber outsole make Nobull shoes a good choice for indoor and outdoor training that mixes running with other exercises like weightlifting.

If you primarily do road running, Nobull shoes would work best kept to shorter distances up to a 10K. Their durability and traction also make them suitable for trail and off-road running if you have an efficient gait.

Tips for Running in Nobull Shoes

If you want to use your Nobull shoes for runs, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use them rotated with other running shoes to limit wear-and-tear
  2. Add orthotic inserts or aftermarket insoles if you need more arch support
  3. Wear moisture-wicking socks to help keep feet dry
  4. Avoid wearing them in cold/wet weather for long periods
  5. Let shoes fully air dry between wearings to maximize lifespan

Remember, Nobull shoes won’t replace traditional road running shoes for high mileage or marathon training. But they can still be incorporated into runs for cross-training benefits.

Alternative Shoe Options for Runners

Here are some great shoe options specifically made for running if you want footwear better equipped for higher mileage:

  • Brooks Ghost or Adrenaline GTS for cushioned stability
  • Saucony Ride for responsive cushioning
  • New Balance Vongo v5 or 860v12 for moderate stability
  • Hoka Clifton or Bondi for max cushioning
  • Altra Torin for foot-shaped toe box and balance

Any quality running shoe tailored for your foot type, gait, training routine will beat out a cross-trainer like Nobulls for hardcore running. Visit a specialty running store for gait analysis help finding your perfect pair.

FAQs on Running in Nobull Shoes

Do Nobull shoes have good arch support?

No, Nobull shoes have a minimalist design with a neutral midsole and no built-in arch support features. Flat-footed runners or those needing support for plantar fasciitis may need to add orthotics.

How long do Nobull shoes last for running?

Durability is a selling point for Nobulls with their SuperFabric upper material and high-traction outsole. For running, you can expect a lifespan of 300-500 miles depending on your mileage and running surfaces before retiring them. Rotate in other shoes to make Nobulls last longer.

Can you run marathons in Nobull trainers?

Nobulls lack the specialized cushioning and support features necessary for marathon (26.2 mile) distances. They’re better suited for runs under 10K, track workouts, or shorter distances mixed into CrossFit and HIIT sessions.

Are Nobulls good for HIIT workouts with running?

Yes, the breathable material, roomy design, and sticky flexible sole make Nobull an excellent shoe for high-intensity interval training that combines bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, and short bursts of running or sprints.

Do Nobulls have good grip on trails and wet ground?

The deep lugs and traction pattern of Nobull outsoles are designed to stick to various surfaces which makes them suitable for off-road trails as long as they fit your running gait requirements. Avoid super muddy conditions where debris could get stuck.

So in summary – while Nobull trainers aren’t ideal as a standalone running shoe, they can work for short to moderate road running, trail running, or mixes of running into other workouts like HIIT or CrossFit. Focus on traditional road running shoes built for higher mileage if you’re hardcore about pavement pounding!

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