Clove VS Hoka: Which Is Better?

Finding the perfect shoe that offers both comfort and support can be a challenge. Clove and Hoka are two brands that aim to provide cushioning and stability but in different ways.

Clove designs shoes specifically for healthcare professionals who are on their feet all day, while Hoka is renowned for its plush cushioning geared toward runners and athletes.

This comprehensive guide will compare the key features of Clove and Hoka to help you determine which shoe best fits your lifestyle and needs. With the right insights, you can confidently choose footwear that will keep you energized even during your busiest days.

Comparison Table Between Clove And Hoka:

Comfort & FitRoomy toe boxSnugger athletic fit
Color OptionsNeutral tonesVibrant color options
DurabilitySlip-resistant solesReinforced rubber soles
PerformanceSupportive arch, cushionedMaximum shock absorption
Design & StyleSleek, professionalAthletic, performance-based
Popular AmongHealthcare professionalsRunners and athletes
Best Selling ModelClove ClassicHoka Bondi 8

Clove Overview:

Clove is a relatively new brand, founded in 2018 by podiatrist Joe Ammon.

Joe Ammon

Clove designs comfortable and supportive shoes tailored specifically for healthcare professionals who spend long hours on their feet caring for patients. The shoes are designed to meet the unique needs of nurses, doctors, dentists, and other medical staff.

Key features of Clove shoes include machine washable uppers, slip-resistant rubber outsoles, moisture-wicking linings, removable cushioned insoles, wide toe boxes, and arch support.

The shoes aim to provide all-day comfort and support while also offering protection from spills and fluids. The slip-resistant soles provide excellent traction on hospital floors.

Clove’s best-selling model is the Clove Classic shoe, which features a breathable mesh upper, cushioned EVA midsole, and durable rubber outsole.

It also has an anatomic last, Ortholite insole, flex grooves, and slip-resistant sole.

Overall, Clove shoes meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals through comfort, support, protection, and easy care required for long hospital shifts. Clove helps busy medical staff stay energized and focused on patient care.

Hoka Overview

Founded in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, Hoka One One burst onto the scene with their super thick midsoles, aiming to provide maximum cushioning for runners.

Hoka Founders

Initially, their oversized design was polarizing. But as more runners experienced the plush ride, Hoka gained a cult following among ultramarathoners and trail runners.

Hoka remains focused on cushioning and stability to create a smooth, comfortable run. Signature technologies like the Meta-Rocker outsole encourage a natural gait cycle and transition. The roomy toe box allows your feet to splay and relax over long miles.

For runners who struggle with joint pain and hard impact, Hoka’s pillow-like foam brings sweet relief. The soft landings and energetic rebound make each stride feel effortless. It’s easy to see why Hokas have a reputation for comfort.

Hokas aren’t the most flexible shoe due to the higher platform. And the bulky silhouette isn’t for everyone. But for runners craving a cushy feel, Hoka delivers plush shoes that can go the distance in blissful comfort.

Major Differences Between The Brands:

We’ve covered an overview of both Clove and Hoka shoes. Now, we’ll compare the brands across different factors to analyze their performance and key differences. This will help determine which shoe is better suited for specific needs and preferences.

1) Comfort and Fit

Clove shoes have a wider toe box and roomier fit throughout to accommodate swelling feet, while Hoka running shoes cater more to average or narrower feet with a precise snugger athletic fit.

Clove offers superior all-day comfort for extended wear thanks to cushioning and removable support features. Hoka provides luxurious responsive softness perfect for active pursuits, though their narrower fit may not accommodate wider feet.

For maximum comfort, Clove is ideal for standing and walking, while Hoka excels at high-impact cushioning during athletic activities.

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2) For Nurses

For nurses who spend long hours on their feet caring for patients, Clove shoes are often the better choice over Hoka.

Clove designs its shoes specifically to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. They offer slip-resistant soles and durable uppers to withstand spills, along with roomy toe boxes for comfort even after long shifts.

Clove shoes provide arch support and cushioning where nurses need it most, like the heels and balls of feet. They come in muted tones to complement hospital scrubs.

In contrast, Hoka shoes are engineered more for athletic performance than all-day comfort. With their snugger fit and lack of slip resistance, Hoka shoes may not adequately support nurses who walk miles a day across hospital floors.

For those drawn to the medical field’s calling to care for others, Clove offers footwear purpose-built to empower nursing staff to fulfill their vital role.

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3) Durability and Performance

Clove uses hardy slip-resistant rubber outsoles and durable uppers made to withstand spills and fluids, promoting longevity in demanding medical settings. Hoka strategically engineers areas of reinforced rubber on high-impact zones for protection and traction across rugged running terrain.

Both perform well but excel in different areas – Clove in spill and slip protection for slick hospital floors, and Hoka in shock absorption and responsiveness for athletic training and events.

Clove’s anti-fatigue support makes them ideal for extended wear during long shifts, while Hoka’s energetic rebound empowers peak athletic performance.

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4) Price

Clove shoes retail between $119 – $149 since they are designed exclusively for the healthcare industry, keeping costs affordable.

Hoka shoes sit at a higher price point, ranging from $140-$250, as consumers pay for their patented cushioning system and innovative technology. However, both represent good value at their price given their high-quality construction and performance.

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5) Design and Style

Clove features a minimalist, sleek, understated look in muted, neutral tones that seamlessly pairs with medical scrubs and allows them to complement any hospital environment. Hoka employs bright, bold pops of color and energetic designs fitting the latest athletic footwear trends.

While Clove aims for subtle professionalism you can wear comfortably anywhere, Hoka embraces an eye-catching sporty aesthetic geared at high-intensity activity.

For all-day support, Clove’s flexible low-key style promotes comfort and solidarity with staff and patients. For training and competition, Hoka’s vibrant energetic colors reflect passion and confidence.

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6) Popularity

Clove has quickly gained popularity and a loyal following among healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and hospital staff since launching in 2018.

Hoka’s popularity originally exploded within the competitive running world and active lifestyle community, becoming widely embraced by athletes and performers worldwide.

7) Target Market

Clove meticulously designs its shoes for healthcare workers based on their unique needs, like slip resistance and spill protection.

Hoka caters primarily to dedicated runners, hikers, and athletes in training who want cushioning with rebound to energize performance and endurance. With neutral pronation support, Hoka’s target market expects shoes to deliver in high-impact environments.

Clove’s market may be on their feet for hours, requiring stability and reliable traction. Knowing the target customer helps illuminate the design priorities of each brand.

Final Verdict:

In summary, those on their feet all day in healthcare should opt for the comfort, support, and protection of Clove. Runners, hikers, and athletic trainers wanting luxurious cushioning for an energized ride should choose Hoka.

Both offer quality craftsmanship but suit different needs. Select the footwear that best supports your personal profession and interests.

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