Hoka Arahi 6 VS Clifton 9: What Should I Buy?

If you’re a runner looking for your next pair of shoes, you may be trying to decide between the Hoka Arahi 6 stability shoe and the Hoka Clifton 9 neutral cushioned shoe. Both are popular models from Hoka One One released in 2022, but they differ in their features and ideal users.

Read on for a detailed comparison of the Arahi 6 vs Clifton 9 to help you choose which Hoka is better for your needs. We’ll compare specs like stability, weight, cushioning, and more.

You’ll also get performance comparisons for running, walking, plantar fasciitis, and all-day standing. Let’s dig into the nitty gritty to determine if the Arahi 6 or Clifton 9 is the right Hoka for you!

Similarities And Differences Between Arahi 6 and Clifton 9:

FeaturesArahi 6Clifton 9
Launched In20222023
SizingMen 7-13, Women 5-11Men 7-13, Women 5-11
Weight9.6 oz (M), 8.8 oz (W)8.7 oz
CushionJ-Frame, CMEVA foamHighly cushioned
Out SoleRubberRubber
Mid SoleJ-Frame, CMEVA foamCMEVA
Upper SoleEngineered meshKnit mesh

Features Comparison


The Arahi 6 uses a durable rubber outsole and a combination of J-Frame and CMEVA foam in the midsole for a stable, cushioned ride. The engineered mesh upper is breathable.

Arahi 6

Clifton 9

The Clifton 9 also has a rubber outsole but relies solely on CMEVA foam for the cushioned midsole. Its knit mesh upper enhances breathability.


The sturdy rubber outsoles and mesh uppers on both models offer decent durability. Testers found the Arahi 6 lasts around 500 miles before wearing down while the Clifton 9 averages 350-400 miles. The additional stability components of the Arahi 6 give it a slight edge.


The Arahi 6 runs true to size for most runners but has a wider toe box than previous versions for a comfortable fit.

Arahi 6 Top View

Clifton 9 Top View

The Clifton 9 fits snugly, ly especially in the heel and midfoot. Wide-footers may find it too narrow. The Arahi 6 accommodates more foot shapes.


With its J-Frame midsole and GuideRails support, the Arahi 6 provides mild stability for overpronators. The Clifton 9 lacks pronation-control features, delivering a neutral ride. Runners needing more correction should opt for the Arahi 6.


Offering a soft, bouncy ride, the Clifton 9 wins for plush cushioning from its full-length CMEVA midsole. The Arahi 6 has ample cushioning but is slightly firmer due to its stability components. Cushion-seekers favor the Clifton 9.


At $140, the Arahi 6 costs less than the $145 Clifton 9. Considering its pronounced stability features, the Arahi 6 is the better value for overpronators. However, neutral runners get exceptional cushioning for the price of the Clifton 9.

Performance Comparison


The Clifton 9 excels as an everyday walking shoe thanks to its lightweight feel and DNA Loft cushioning that softens the impact. The Arahi 6 also cushions steps comfortably but its stability elements add some rigidity that isn’t ideal for leisurely walking.


For overpronators, the Arahi 6 is a clear choice, providing guidance and support on runs. Neutral runners are better off with the Clifton 9 – its rockered shape encourages smooth transitions while the bouncy cushioning softens landings.

Plantar Fasciitis:

The ample cushioning and soft landings of the Clifton 9 make it a great choice for plantar fasciitis, absorbing shock rather than transmitting it into feet and calves. The Arahi 6 is reasonably cushioned but firmer due to stability, so it’s not ideal for this issue.

All Day Standing:

Standing all day is tiring for feet. The plush CMEVA cushioning of the Clifton 9 offers welcome relief, while its knit upper breathes well. The Arahi 6 has decent cushioning but its mesh upper retains more heat, making it less suitable for extended standing.

Final Verdict

For overpronators or runners needing stability, the Hoka Arahi 6 is an excellent choice combining support, breathability, and ample cushioning.

If you prefer a neutral, super-cushioned ride, the Hoka Clifton 9 takes the lead with its DNA Loft midsole, rockered shape, and plush feel underfoot.

Consider fit too – the Arahi 6 suits wider feet better. Weigh your needs and running style to decide which of these popular 2022 Hokas is the winner for you! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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