Hoka Bondi 7 VS Bondi X: What Should I Buy?

If you’re a runner looking for a comfortable, cushioned shoe that can go the distances, the Hoka One One Bondi 7 and HOKA ONE ONE Bondi X are two great options to consider.

Both shoes offer maximum cushioning and support in Hoka’s signature oversized design. But with differences in features like responsiveness and versatility, which Bondi model is better for you?

This in-depth comparison examines the key specs, performance, and overall value of the Bondi 7 and Bondi X to help you decide which Hoka shoe fits your running needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Bondi 7 And Bondi X:

FeaturesHoka Bondi 7HOKA Bondi X
Launched In20202021
SizingMen’s 7-14, Women’s 5-11Men’s 7-14, Women’s 5-11
Weight10.6 oz (men’s size 9)10.6 oz (men’s size 9)
MidsoleEVA foamEVA foam with carbon plate
Retail Price$170$340

Features ComparisoN:

Below we are going to compare important features of both models. This will help you find an informed decision without having any troubles.


The Bondi 7 and Bondi X share a lot of similarities when it comes to materials. Both feature a rubber outsole and EVA foam midsole for maximum durability and cushioning. The uppers on each shoe use a breathable mesh material.

Bondi 7


However, the Bondi X sets itself apart with the addition of a carbon fiber plate embedded in the midsole. This plate provides a propulsive feel, giving the Bondi X better responsiveness compared to the standard Bondi 7 model.


With beefy rubber outsoles and thick EVA foam midsoles, both the Bondi 7 and Bondi X are built to last. Runners can expect to get 300+ miles out of each shoe before signs of wear.

The carbon plate in the Bondi X adds stiffness to help maintain the shoe’s structure and cushioning over time. So for sheer durability, the Bondi X has a slight edge.


The Bondi 7 and Bondi X share Hoka’s spacious, curved shape that provides a roomy toe box and secure heel hold. Both shoes also feature a medium arch that accommodates most foot types.

Bondi 7 Top View

bondi x top view

Sizing is consistent across both models, making it easy to find your ideal fit. However, some runners note the Bondi X runs slightly narrower through the midfoot due to the carbon plate.


With their wide bases and structured midsoles, the Bondi 7 and Bondi X offer excellent stability for neutral runners.

The Bondi X’s carbon plate adds rigidity to minimize inversion/eversion, giving it a stability boost over the Bondi 7. But both shoes provide a stable platform for walking or running long miles.


The standout feature of both the Bondi 7 and Bondi X is plush, pillow-like cushioning. The chunky midsoles absorb shock and provide soft landings ideal for easy mileage days.

However, the Bondi 7 has a slight advantage in pure cushioning softness. The Bondi X sacrifices some plushness by integrating the firm carbon plate, giving it a better bounce but not quite the same marshmallowy feel.


With a $170 retail price, the Bondi 7 provides excellent value for maximum-cushioned comfort. The Bondi X costs $340, but the responsive carbon plate and added durability help justify the higher price tag.

Ultimately, the Double price tag is a worthwhile investment for runners prioritizing versatility in a max-cushion shoe. But budget seekers will appreciate the softer feel of the more affordable Bondi 7.

Performance Comparison:

After features, we are going to judge both runners according to their performance.


The Bondi 7 and Bondi X are both cushioned and supportive enough to be great walking shoes. The soft midsoles keep feet comfortable even during long walks, while the stability features reduce fatigue.

The Bondi X may have a slight edge for speed walkers or race walkers who want efficient energy return, thanks to the carbon plate. But casual walkers will appreciate the Bondi 7’s softer feel underfoot.


As max-cushion road shoes, the Bondi 7 and Bondi X are ideal for easy mileage runs. The plush cushioning softens impact to save your legs on longer runs.

The Bondi X offers a more responsive ride than the Bondi 7. The carbon plate provides a propulsive sensation that makes tempo runs or fast training more enjoyable. So runners looking to push the pace select the Bondi X.

Plantar Fasciitis

The soft cushioning and supportive stability of both the Bondi 7 and Bondi X make them two of the best Hoka shoes for plantar fasciitis.

However, the Bondi 7 may have a slight edge for relieving pain thanks to its plusher midsole that better absorbs shock across the foot. But those needing extra arch support may prefer the Bondi X’s snugger fit.

All Day Standing

Nurses, retail workers, and others on their feet all day will appreciate the cushioned comfort of the Bondi 7 and Bondi X. The thick midsoles provide plush underfoot comfort even during long shifts.

Some may find the Bondi 7 more comfortable for standing due to its softer foam feel. But the Bondi X offers increased stability and support during all-day wear. So both are excellent options.

Final Verdict:

For soft, cushioned comfort, the Hoka One One Bondi 7 is tough to beat. This max-cushion shoe provides pillowy-soft landings at an affordable $170 price point. It’s the ultimate choice for runners prioritizing plush feel.

But for those wanting versatility to pick up the pace, the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi X is worth the Double investment. Integrating a carbon plate gives this shoe improved responsiveness on tempo runs while maintaining supreme cushioning for easy miles.

So choose the Bondi 7 for pure softness, or go with the Bondi X if you want cushioning to meet efficiency. Either way, your feet will stay happy mile after mile.

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