Hoka Clifton 9 VS On Cloudsurfer 7: What Should I Buy?

The Clifton 9 and Cloudsurfer 7 have a lot in common – they’re both designed as lightweight daily trainers best suited for easy mileage.

However, they differ quite a bit in cushioning, stability, fit, and overall performance. The Clifton provides a soft, pillow-like ride while the Cloudsurfer is more responsive and speedy.

To help you choose the right shoe, we’ve compared every key spec and tested how they perform for walking, running plantar fasciitis, and all-day wear. Read on to see which comes out on top for your needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Clifton 9 and Cloudsurfer 7:

SpecsHoka Clifton 9On Cloudsurfer 7
Launched In2023 2023
SizingTrue to sizeRuns small
Weight7.5 oz (men’s 9)8.5 oz (men’s 9)
OutsoleRubberDurable rubber
MidsoleCompressed EVA foamHelion foam
UpperAir meshMesh
Retail Price$145$162

Features Comparison:

Both Clifton 9 and Cloudsurfer 7 are exceptional shoes but to make your choice easier we will compare the features of both shoes to see which is actually better for you.


The Clifton 9 uses a compressed EVA foam midsole paired with a thick rubber outsole and breathable engineered air mesh upper.

Clifton 9

The Cloudsurfer 7 has a Helion foam midsole, a durable rubber outsole, and a lightweight mesh upper.


The Clifton 9 wins for durability thanks to its thick rubber outsole that can handle hundreds of miles. The Cloudsurfer’s thin outsole rubber wears down faster.


The Clifton runs true to size with a spacious toe box fit for wide feet.

Clifton 9 Top View


The Cloudsurfer runs small and has a narrow toe box, so it may not work for wide-footed runners.


Both shoes are neutral trainers best for normal to underpronated runners. The Clifton offers a bit more midsole support while the Cloudsurfer has less structure.


The Clifton 9 provides maximum pillow-soft cushioning that absorbs impact. The Cloudsurfer has a firmer, more responsive foam that offers medium cushioning.


The Clifton 9 is the better value at only $145 with superior durability and cushioning. The Cloudsurfer costs $162 but doesn’t last as long.

Performance Comparison:

You now have a clear idea on the features of both Cloudsurfer 7 and Clifton 9. Here we will compare the performance of both shoes to see who excels.


Winner: Clifton 9 – The plush cushioning and supportive frame make walking in the Cliftons much more comfortable than the lower cushioned, less stable Cloudsurfer.


Winner: Tie – For easy jogs and recovery runs, the Clifton’s soft ride reduces fatigue. But for faster training and tempo runs, the Cloudsurfer’s responsive foam provides a snappier feel.

Plantar Fasciitis

Winner: Clifton 9 – The maximum cushioning and structured arch support in Clifton better alleviate heel and arch pain from plantar fasciitis. The Cloudsurfer lacks arch support.

All Day Wear

Winner: Clifton 9 – With its plush cushioning and roomy, breathable upper, the Clifton keeps feet feeling fresh even after hours of wear. The less cushioned Cloudsurfer loses comfort over time.

Final Verdict:

For most runners, especially heavier runners and those needing cushion for walking or plantar fasciitis, the Hoka Clifton 9 is the better choice. Its soft, pillow-like ride, durability, and value make it the better pick for daily training and comfort.

However, lightweight runners who want a responsive, snappy feel for faster runs would do better in the On Cloudsurfer 7. Just beware of sizing up and its snugger fit.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison helps you choose the ideal lightweight running shoe for your needs and running style!

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