Hoka Gaviota 3 VS Bondi 7: What Should I Buy?

The Hoka One One running shoe brand has exploded in popularity in recent years for their maximalist, pillow-soft cushioning. Two of their most popular models are the Gaviota 3 stability shoe and the Bondi 7 neutral cushioned shoe. But which Hoka is right for you? Keep reading this in-depth comparison of the Gaviota 3 vs Bondi 7 to find out!

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Gaviota 3 and Bondi 7:

FeatureHoka Gaviota 3Hoka Bondi 7
Launched In20212020
StabilityHigh stabilityModerate stability
FlexibilityLess flexibleRelatively flexible
SizingMen’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11Men’s and Women’s, D/2E/4E widths
Weight11.3 oz men’s, 9.3 oz women’s11.4 oz men’s size 9
CushionPlush, responsive RMAT midsoleVery plush EVA foam midsole
OutsoleSegmented rubber podsCarbon rubber with exposed EVA foam
MidsoleDual density RMATEVA foam
UpperBreathable, medium-plush with customizable lacingEngineered mesh with overlays
Retail Price$180$170

Features Comparison:


The Gaviota 3 utilizes a dual-density RMAT midsole, Hoka One One’s signature rubberized foam blend designed for responsiveness and durability. This cushions each footfall without losing energy return over miles of wear.

The engineered mesh upper includes a bootie construction and unique lacing system to customize fit across the top of the foot, locking it in securely. Segmented rubber pods on the outsole provide traction on diverse surfaces while resisting abrasion.


Bondi 7

The Bondi 7 employs a full-length EVA foam midsole, engineered for plush softness to cushion every step. This proprietary EVA compound compresses easily to absorb shock, aided by the exposed foam visible on the outsole.

The quick-drying mesh upper incorporates printed overlays to strategically support the foot without rigidity. The combination of carbon rubber in high-wear areas and exposed foam makes the outsole lightweight.


The Gaviota 3 is built to last thanks to the hardy rubber pods covering the outsole contact points. This thick, abrasion-resistant rubber protects the soft foam layers underfoot mile after mile.

The sturdy platform shape also maintains its integrity even as the foam gently compresses with use. Runners report the durable materials showing minimal wear over hundreds of miles.

Similar to the Gaviota 3, the Bondi 7 holds up well thanks to Hoka’s quality construction. The strategic use of carbon rubber over high-impact zones resists damage, working in conjunction with the durable foam midsole. The engineered mesh upper retains its flexible support over time, and testers note the smooth outsole rubber keeps its traction.


The Gaviota 3 upper wraps the midfoot snugly, locking it in place without restricting. The lace-up closure incorporates multiple eyelets along the medial and lateral sides, allowing runners to customize tension across different parts of the foot for a tailored fit.

The bootie construction eliminates tongue slide while permitting fluid movement. Women’s sizes come in medium and wide widths to accommodate more foot shapes.


Bondi 7 Top View

The Bondi 7 caters to a wide range of foot volumes with its availability in normal, wide, and extra wide sizes for both genders. The foot-hugging engineered mesh adapts as you tighten the laces, and it stretches to allow natural splay.

Testers note the smooth interior avoids irritating rubbing while permitting ample toe box room for relaxation during the gait cycle’s push-off phase.


The Gaviota 3 provides enhanced stability for overpronators in multiple ways. Its broad platform base naturally limits excessive rolling inward, while the dual-density RMAT midsole firmer foam along the medial side resists collapse.

The J-Frame technology uses a TPU sidewall to guide and support foot motion optimally. Additionally, the rockered design enables a smooth transition to toe-off.

Although not strictly a stability model, the Bondi 7 gives mild overpronators and neutral runners supportive cushioning. The midsole geometry and moderate medial support frame keep the foot tracking straight when fatigue sets in. The upper reinforced zones also contribute stability when fully laced up while allowing foot splay when loosened.


The Gaviota 3 employs plush RMAT cushioning tuned for softness without instability. Runners report this proprietary rubberized foam providing pillowy landing comfort that responsively rebounds for energy return.

The dual-density construction prevents the foot from sinking and rolling excessively, maintaining support. While not as soft as Hoka’s EVA foams, the RMAT midsole gives cushioning that doesn’t bottom out or pack down.

Characteristically for the brand, the Bondi 7 delivers supremely soft cushioning via its full-length EVA foam midsole. This proprietary formulation has high shock attenuation properties to pamper feet over any distance.

The exposed foam visible on the outsole allows for full compression and rebound with each step. Testers describe the marshmallow-like sensation as bottomless plushness ideal for recovery days.


With an MSRP of $180, the Gaviota 3 represents a great value for this premium stability trainer packed with advanced technologies. The construction quality matches top-tier models from other major brands that retail for $200 or more.

Factor in the guided foot frame, smooth Meta-Rocker transition, and responsive RMAT midsole, and the price is reasonable. While not inexpensive, runners get proven Hoka comfort and support for hundreds of miles, making it a worthwhile investment.

The Bondi 7 hits a more moderate $170 price point but still delivers exceptional features for the money. Abundant high-quality EVA foam cushions the entire footfall with cloud-like softness rare even among premium brands.

Given the durable materials that maintain their plushness and traction over high mileage, the upfront cost evens out over time. For the supreme comfort it provides during long distances and easy days, the Bondi 7 gives you your money’s worth.

Performance Comparison:

For Walking:

The plush cushioning of the Bondi 7 makes it exceptionally comfortable for long walks. The wide fit options also prevent rubbing or pinching when walking.

The Gaviota 3 also supplies ample cushion underfoot for walking comfort, though the firmer RMAT foam doesn’t isolate impact quite as much. Its snug midfoot wrap improves stability for moderate walking paces.

For Running:

When running, the Gaviota 3’s J-Frame offers medial support while the rockered design provides a smooth transition. The responsive cushioning also makes runs enjoyable over any distance.

The Bondi 7 is similarly comfortable for logging daily miles thanks to the supremely soft foam. The stretchy engineered mesh upper and flexible design make it suitable for a variety of paces.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

The Bondi 7’s plush cushioning gently absorbs impact to prevent jarring the sensitive plantar fascia tissue. The broad platform and soft foam insole also prevent pressure.

While quite cushioned, the Gaviota 3 has a firmer density foam that may not isolate impact as well. However, the spacious toe box prevents toe squeezing to reduce plantar fascia pain.

For Standing All Day:

The wide toe box and meta-rocker outsole of the Gaviota 3 help reduce fatigue when standing for extended periods by promoting natural foot positioning. It offers good arch support as well.

The Bondi 7 also supplies ample cushioning and responsive foam to absorb shock when standing on hard surfaces. However, the narrower profile takes some getting used to for all-day wear.

Final Verdict:

For those needing maximum stability for overpronation, the Gaviota 3 is ideal with its guided foot frame, dual density midsole, and smooth rockered transition.

Runners seeking the softest, most cushioned ride for long distances or recovery days get exceptional comfort in the Bondi 7 with its supremely plush EVA foam from heel to toe.

So choose the supportive Gaviota 3 for moderate to high overpronation or the marshmallow-soft Bondi 7 for neutral cushioning. Both deliver the premium comfort Hoka is known for!

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