Hoka Mach 6 VS Rincon 3: What Should I Buy?

Looking for your next pair of running shoes? The Hoka Mach 6 and Rincon 3 are two of the hottest running shoe models on the market right now. Both deliver responsive cushioning and a smooth ride, but they also have some key differences.

Read on to see how these shoes stack up across critical categories like fit, cushioning, and value. By the end, you’ll know which of these trendy trainers is the better pick for your needs. Let’s dive in!

Similarities And Differences Between Mach 6 And Rincon 3:

FeatureHoka Mach 6Hoka Rincon 3
Launched In20242021
SizingRuns small, order 1/2 size upTrue to size
Weight8.2 oz (M), 6.7 oz (W)8.8 oz (M), 7.8 oz (W)
CushionPlushMedium soft
OutsoleDurabrasion rubberRubber
MidsoleSupercritical foamEVA foam
UpperCreel Jacquard meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$140$130

Features Comparison:


The Mach 6 uses Hoka’s Supercritical midsole foam, which provides plush, bouncy cushioning. Its Creel Jacquard mesh upper offers a secure, foot-hugging fit. The durable Durabrasion rubber outsole is designed for traction and longevity.


rincon 3

The Rincon 3 utilizes an EVA foam midsole for responsive cushioning. Its engineered mesh upper aims for breathability and flexibility, while the rubber outsole provides grip.


The Mach 6 is built to be durable, with a Durabrasion rubber outsole that can handle many miles of wear and tear. The Supercritical midsole foam also maintains its bounce even over time.

In contrast, the Rincon 3 has faced some durability concerns, especially in the midsole which tends to lose some responsiveness after moderate mileage. However, the outsole has been reinforced in the latest Rincon 3 version for better longevity. Overall, the Mach 6 edges out the Rincon 3 when it comes to durability and lasting performance.


The Mach 6 runs small, so sizing up 1/2 size is recommended for the best fit. It has a snug heel and midfoot along with a roomy toe box. The upper is secure while allowing some flexibility.


rincon 3 top view

The Rincon 3 fits true to size and has a medium volume fit through the midfoot and heel with a wider toe box for natural toe splay. The engineered mesh upper adapts well to the foot. Overall, the Rincon 3 will fit a wider range of foot shapes thanks to its roomier toe box and adaptive upper compared to the more narrowly fitted Mach 6.


As neutral running shoes, neither the Mach 6 nor the Rincon 3 offers pronounced stability mechanisms. However, the Mach 6’s broad base and sculpted heel counter provide subtle support for mild overpronators.

In contrast, the Rincon 3 has a flexible, neutral platform without targeted stability features. Runners needing arch support or guidance for overpronation would need to use an assistive device or choose a shoe with guidance features. The Mach 6 offers slightly more inherent stability due to its structure, but both are neutral shoes overall.


The Mach 6 provides ultra-soft, plush cushioning through its Supercritical midsole foam that feels both bouncy and stable. This makes it ideal for high-mileage training without beating up your legs.

In contrast, the Rincon 3 offers medium-soft cushioning that remains responsive mile after mile. Its energetic EVA foam gives it a lightweight, free-flowing feel perfect for faster paces. Overall, the Mach 6 excels at providing pillow-like softness for all-day comfort, while the Rincon 3 offers a firmer yet still cushioned and agile ride for speed.


At $140, the Mach 6 is priced as a high-performance trainer with premium features. Given its plush cushioning, dynamic response, and durability, it delivers strong value.

The Rincon 3 has a price of $125, making it very competitive for its class of lightweight, responsive trainers. While not as durable as the Mach 6, the Rincon 3’s smooth and agile ride helps offset its shorter lifespan. Considering their blend of comfort, responsiveness, and modern designs, both the Mach 6 and Rincon 3 provide good value at their price points.

Performance Comparision:


The plush Mach 6 cushioning absorbs impact nicely during walking. The rocker-shaped sole encourages a natural walking gait, while the breathable upper keeps feet ventilated.

With its flexible upper and medium soft cushioning, the Rincon 3 allows for a comfortable, natural walking stride. The energetic foam provides some rebound to add a little pep to your step.


Offering a highly responsive and well-cushioned ride, the Mach 6 performs superbly over miles of road running. It maintains its lively, stable feel regardless of pace or distance.

The Rincon 3 provides a smooth, agile feel that excels on tempo runs and uptempo workouts. The energetic foam and flexible platform make it ideal for faster training and racing.

Plantar Fasciitis:

The Mach 6’s plush cushioning helps absorb shock and reduce strain on the plantar fascia ligament. Its supportive heel design also aids stability for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

While comfortable for moderate mileage, the Rincon 3 may not offer enough shock absorption or arch support on its own for severe plantar fasciitis. Orthotics or a support brace may optimize its ease for this condition.

Standing All Day:

With its well-cushioned midsole and roomy toe box, the Mach 6 makes an excellent option for people on their feet all day. It maintains energized comfort hour after hour.

The Rincon 3 can work for periods of standing throughout the day. However, its medium soft cushioning may not provide the plush experience some seek for extended periods on hard surfaces.

Final Verdict:

The Mach 6 takes the lead if you desire a well-cushioned workhorse trainer that can log high weekly miles. Its plush yet responsive midsole, foot-hugging upper, and durable outsole allow for comfortable, long-lasting training across varied distances and paces.

For runners seeking a lightweight, nimble shoe for faster days or races, the Rincon 3 gets the nod. Its energetic foam and flexible build make it ideal for uptempo runs and workouts. Just be aware that its lifespan may be less than other models.

Both shoes deliver responsive rides and next-gen designs from Hoka. So whether you prioritize pillow-soft cushioning (Mach 6) or featherweight speed (Rincon 3), you can’t go wrong with either of these modern trainers! Analyze your individual needs and running style to decide which shoe fits you best.

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