Hoka Rincon 3 VS New Balance 1080v13: What Should I Buy?

Looking for a versatile, cushioned running shoe? The Hoka Rincon 3 and New Balance 1080v13 are two of the most popular options on the market. Both deliver responsive rides and ample cushioning, but they have key differences that may make one model a better choice for your needs.

This in-depth comparison highlights the specs, features, and real-world performance of these two cushioned trainers so you can decide which is the better fit for you. Read on to see how the Rincon 3 and 1080v13 stack up across critical categories like fit, cushioning, durability, and value.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Rincon 3 and New Balance 1080v13:

FeatureHoka Rincon 3New Balance 1080v13
Launched In20212023
FlexibilityFlexibleLess flexible
SizingRuns smallTrue to size
Weight8.1 oz (M), 6.8 oz (W)9.1 oz (M), 7.7 oz (W)
OutsoleRubberBlown rubber
MidsoleCompressed EVA foamFresh Foam X
UpperEngineered meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$125$165

Features Comparison


The Rincon 3 uses a compressed EVA foam midsole, rubber outsole, and engineered mesh upper. The midsole provides a responsive, medium-cushioned ride. The outsole rubber offers durability and traction. The engineered mesh upper is lightweight and breathable.

rincon 3

New Balance 1080v13
NB 1080v13

The 1080v13 features a Fresh Foam X midsole made of exaggerated hexagons for soft landings. The blown rubber outsole enhances traction and flexibility. The engineered mesh upper is softer and more breathable than the previous 1080 versions.


The Rincon 3 has average durability for a lightweight trainer. The outsole rubber and EVA foam will last around 300-400 miles for most runners. The upper mesh holds up well to abrasion.

The 1080v13 is highly durable, with many runners getting 500+ miles out of a pair. The Fresh Foam X midsole maintains its cushioning and the outsole rubber withstands abrasive surfaces. The reinforced upper also resists wear and tear.


The Rincon 3 runs small/narrow. Going up 1/2 size provides a comfortable fit for most. The integrated tongue construction offers a precise midfoot wrap. The heel collar and tongue have minimal padding.

rincon 3 top view

New Balance 1080v13 TOP VIEW
NB 1080v13 TOP VIEW

The 1080v13 fits true to size for most feet. The engineered mesh upper is softer and more forgiving than past versions for a comfortable, secure fit. The padded ankle collar and tongue provide a plush step-in feel.


The Rincon 3 is a neutral shoe that offers some mild stability from its early-stage Meta-Rocker geometry, which helps guide your foot through the gait cycle. However, it lacks traditional stability features.

Like the Rincon 3, the 1080v13 is a neutral cushioned trainer. It has a wider base than previous 1080 versions for more support but does not have pronation-control mechanisms for stability.


The Rincon 3 provides medium-level cushioning that is responsive and flexible. The compressed EVA foam midsole provides a firmer, responsive ride. The low heel-to-toe drop encourages a natural running gait.

The 1080v13 offers maximum high-mileage cushioning. The thick Fresh Foam X midsole provides soft yet responsive cushioning that is comfortable for long distances. There is also an 8mm heel-toe drop for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.


The Rincon 3 has a reasonable $125 price tag for the performance it delivers. The mileage is lower than max-cushioned shoes but on par for its class of trainers.

The 1080v13 comes with a steep $165 price tag. However, the exceptional durability and cushioning make it worth the investment for high-mileage neutral runners. It goes the distance, delivering miles upon miles of comfortable running.

Performance Comparison

For Walking

The Rincon 3 performs well for walking and light hiking thanks to its responsive midsole and breathable upper. The low drop and Meta-Rocker design create a natural walking gait. However, the minimal tongue and collar padding leads to hotspots for some during extended walks.

The plush 1080v13 is an excellent walking shoe. The Fresh Foam X midsole and 8mm drop provide continuous comfort mile after mile. The soft upper wraps the foot in long-lasting comfort and support during walking.

For Running

The Rincon 3 is a versatile trainer ready for anything from tempo runs to marathons. The compressed EVA foam midsole provides medium cushioning and high energy return for excellent running performance. The flexibility and Meta-Rocker design make it a smooth, fast ride.

Similarly, the 1080v13 is a do-it-all-neutral running shoe. The soft Fresh Foam X midsole and blown rubber outsole work together to deliver responsive, well-cushioned rides over any distance. The wider base aids stability at faster paces.

For Plantar Fasciitis

The Rincon 3 offers decent cushioning but lacks features specifically targeted for plantar fasciitis like deep heel cups or targeted arch supports. The lower drop does promote foot strengthening. Overall, it provides general comfort but is not specialized for PF relief.

Conversely, the 1080v13 is often recommended for plantar fasciitis thanks to its thick, shock-absorbing cushioning and 8mm drop. The soft Fresh Foam X midsole cushions each step while the stability elements support proper foot motion – both critical for PF.

For Standing All Day

The Rincon 3 is not ideal for all-day standing since the minimal cushioning and thin tongue lead to foot fatigue over time. Nurses, servers, and others on their feet for long periods would likely want more cushioned, supportive shoes.

With its plush cushioning and padded collar, the 1080v13 excels at keeping feet comfortable even after hours of standing. The Fresh Foam X midsole cushions and supports feet throughout long shifts and stone floors.

Final Verdict

The versatile Hoka Rincon 3 has a medium cushioned, flexible ride that suits any running pace and distance. Meanwhile, the New Balance 1080v13 offers maximum cushioning and support ideal for long distances and all-day wear.

For a durable shoe that can go the distance in total comfort, go with the 1080v13. But if you want a lightweight, responsive feel for faster paces, choose the Rincon 3.

Analyze your needs and running style to decide which of these excellent neutral trainers is the better choice for you.

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