Hoka Stinson 7 VS Speedgoat 5: What Should I Buy?

If you’re an avid trail runner looking for your next pair of shoes to conquer the trails, you can’t go wrong with either the Hoka Stinson 7 or the Hoka Speedgoat 5.

Both of these flagship trail runners from Hoka One One offer the signature Hoka cushioning and comfort, but with some key differences that may make one model a better choice for your specific needs.

Read on as we compare the Stinson 7 and Speedgoat 5 head-to-head to help you decide which Hoka trail shoe is the best fit for you.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Stinson 7 and Speedgoat 5:

FeatureStinson 7Speedgoat 5
Launched In20232022
SizingMen’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11Men’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11
Weight10.5 oz (M), 9.7 oz (W)10.6 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W)
OutsoleVibram MegagripVibram Megagrip
MidsoleCMEVA FoamPROFLY Foam
Retail Price$170$155

Features Comparison


The Stinson 7 and Speedgoat 5 share some key technologies in their construction, but have some differences as well. Both shoes feature Vibram Megagrip rubber in the outsole for traction and durability.



The midsoles use Hoka’s signature cushioning foams, with the Stinson 7 utilizing CMEVA while the Speedgoat 5 has PROFLY. Both models also use open mesh material in the uppers for breathability.

The Stinson 7’s upper is more padded for comfort and protection. The Speedgoat 5 has a reinforced toe bumper for durability but the upper mesh itself is more fragile overall.


Both the Stinson 7 and Speedgoat 5 are built to last many miles on the trail. The rugged Vibram Megagrip outsoles can handle rough terrain and are highly abrasion-resistant. The Stinson 7’s upper offers better long-term durability with its padded mesh that resists tearing.

The Speedgoat 5’s lightweight mesh upper is known to tear more easily after prolonged use. The Stinson 7 lacks a rock plate so sharp objects could potentially penetrate the midsole over time while the Speedgoat 5 includes a rock plate for added protection. Overall the Stinson 7 wins for long-term durability.


Offering a roomy toe box and secure midfoot hold, both models provide a comfortable fit for medium to wide feet. The Stinson 7 has a slightly more relaxed fit through the heel and midfoot for all-day comfort. The Speedgoat 5 fits snugger overall for a more performance-oriented feel.



The luxuriously padded collar and tongue of the Stinson 7 offer more plush comfort. The Speedgoat 5 has a thin, non-padded collar and tongue helping reduce weight. For superior comfort and adjustability, the Stinson 7 is the winner.


With their wide platforms and supportive cushioning, the Stinson 7 and Speedgoat 5 both provide excellent stability for neutral runners. The Stinson 7 offers a bit more midsole support underfoot, minimizing wobble on uneven trails.

The rockered geometry also promotes smooth transitions. The Speedgoat 5 gives a stable but agile and responsive ride. Overall, the Stinson 7 takes the lead for its stellar stability at all speeds.


Offering Hoka’s signature soft and plush cushioning, both models deliver excellent shock absorption and comfort over long distances. The CMEVA foam midsole of the Stinson 7 provides more overall softness for the highest levels of cushioning.

The PROFLY foam of the Speedgoat 5 balances cushioning with increased responsiveness and bounce. For the most cushioned and pillow-like trail running experience, the Stinson 7 is the winner.


With retail prices of $170 for the Stinson 7 and $155 for the Speedgoat 5, both Hoka shoes still provide good value considering their high-end features and technologies.

The Stinson 7 costs a bit more but delivers excellent cushioning and durability making it a worthwhile investment for many. The Speedgoat 5 gives you responsive performance at a slightly more affordable price point. Overall, both are quality trail shoes at reasonable prices for the category.

Performance Comparison


The plush cushioning of the Stinson 7 makes it the most comfortable choice for long days of walking on trails. The ample midsole softness absorbs shock better and reduces fatigue in the feet and legs.

The roomy toe box accommodates natural toe splay while walking. While also cushioned, the Speedgoat 5 has stiffer cushioning that doesn’t soak up impact quite as well. Its snugger fit cramps toes more during lengthy walks. The Stinson 7 is clearly the walking winner.


When picking up the pace on trails, the Speedgoat 5 pulls ahead. The energetic PROFLY foam midsole provides a responsive, nimble feel perfect for short and fast trail runs.

The firmer foot-hold also allows confident cornering and acceleration on uneven terrain. While the Stinson 7 has great cushioning, its softness and relaxed fit aren’t best suited for quick trail running. For competitive trail races and PRs, the Speedgoat 5 is the top choice.


The Stinson 7 is the top pick for runners with plantar fasciitis or foot pain issues. Its superior cushioning absorbs more shock and impact for painful feet. The roomy and adjustable fit also allows the accommodation of orthotics for further support and comfort.

While also cushioned, the lower drop and firmer ride of the Speedgoat 5 will be too harsh for some plantar fasciitis sufferers. Go with the Stinson 7 for happy feet on the trails.


From hitting the trails to just daily wear, the Stinson 7 is built for all-day comfort on your feet. The plush cushioning and roomy fit reduce foot fatigue whether walking or standing for long hours.

The padded collar and tongue prevent chafing and hot spots. The Speedgoat 5’s stiffer, more performance-oriented build isn’t ideal for prolonged standing. Its thin ankle collar and snugger fit lead to rubbing and discomfort over extended wear. For the standing worker, definitely choose the Stinson 7.

Final Verdict

The Hoka Stinson 7 and Hoka Speedgoat 5 are both excellent trail running shoes that share great comfort, cushioning, and versatility. For runners seeking the pinnacle of cushioning for supreme comfort walking or running trails at any pace, the Stinson 7 is the winner. Its softer midsole, roomier fit, and durable upper provide the ultimate in plushness for trails.

For runners who prioritize nimble agility and faster speeds on more technical trails, the Speedgoat 5 comes out on top. Its responsive cushioning and performance fit give confident control for PRs over any terrain.

Considering preferences for cushioning, stability, and intended use can help decide if the Stinson 7 or Speedgoat 5 is the ideal trail shoe for you. Either way, with Hoka you can expect happy feet and miles of epic trail adventures.

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