Asics Gel Nimbus 24 Vs Nimbus 25: What Should I Buy?

The Asics Gel Nimbus series has been a staple for neutral runners looking for a comfortable and versatile daily trainer for many years. The Nimbus 24 and 25 offer runners updated technologies and features while maintaining the signature cushioning and support the Nimbus line is known for.

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll extensively look at the key updates and differences between the Nimbus 24 and 25 across a variety of features to help you thoroughly decide which version of this popular shoe is the better fit for your specific running needs.

We’ll extensively compare the shoes across various features including stability, cushioning, fit, sizing, weight, materials, outsole, midsole, upper, and performance for walking, running, plantar fasciitis, and standing all day. Read on for a comprehensive comparison to see how the Nimbus 24 and Nimbus 25 stack up!

Similarities And Differences Between Nimbus 24 And Nimbus 25:

FeaturesNimbus 24Nimbus 25
Launched In20222023
SizingMen 7-13, Women 5-12Men 7-13, Women 5-12
Weight10.9 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W)11.2 oz (M), 9.7 oz (W)
CushionFlyteFoam Blast+FlyteFoam Blast+ with FF Blast Turbo
Out SoleAHAR+ rubberAHAR+ rubber
Mid SoleFlyteFoam Blast+FlyteFoam Blast+ with FF Blast Turbo
Upper SoleEngineered meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$90$160

Features Comparison:


The outsole on both neutral running shoes uses hard-wearing and high-traction AHAR+ rubber to stand up to miles of running without excessive wear. The Nimbus 25 has slightly more extensive rubber coverage on the outsole for improved grip and durability over varied surfaces during runs.


Asics Nimbus 25

The midsole on both neutral trainers uses the springy FlyteFoam Blast+ technology, but the Nimbus 25 adds the responsive FlyteFoam Blast Turbo insert for extra bounce and energy return with each footstrike.

Finally, the upper on both neutral running shoes uses a breathable and irritation-free engineered mesh that provides ventilation during hot weather running.


Thanks to its hardy AHAR+ rubber outsole, the Nimbus 24 offers decent durability for neutral trainers, though some testers did find the FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole lost a touch of bounce and responsiveness over high mileage training cycles.

The Nimbus 25 has a slightly more durable and long-lasting foam midsole thanks to the added FlyteFoam Blast Turbo insert, though the outsole rubber remains quite similar in composition and wear life to the 24. Overall, the Nimbus 25 has a moderate edge in longevity over the miles thanks to the more resilient midsole materials.


Both neutral running shoe versions generally fit true to size for most runners without sizing issues. However, the Nimbus 24 has a slightly wider and more accommodating toe box in the forefoot, while the 25 runs a bit narrower through the toes and forefoot.


Nimbus 25 Top View

Therefore, runners with wider feet and toes may prefer the roomier forefoot fit provided by the Nimbus 24 over the somewhat more snug forefoot of the Nimbus 25.


As neutral cushioned trainers, both the Nimbus 24 and Nimbus 25 provide moderate arch support and stability without being overly controlling of foot motion for neutral pronators.

The midsole cushioning systems and comfortable uppers on each shoe offer secure heel locks and midfoot wraps without excessively restricting natural foot motions and transitions. Neither neutral shoe has a clear advantage or difference in overall stability and support.


While both neutral running shoes use the springy FlyteFoam Blast+ compound in the midsole cushioning, testers and reviews consistently found the added FlyteFoam Blast Turbo insert in the 25 resulted in a softer, bouncier ride with better shock absorption and energy return.

The responsive FlyteFoam Blast Turbo foam in the Nimbus 25 gives it noticeably better cushioning comfort, especially for neutral runners logging higher mileage training runs and long races.

Value for Money:

The Nimbus 24 provides excellent value at just $90, making it the better choice for budget-conscious runners looking for a well-rounded neutral trainer.

However, the Nimbus 25 costs nearly twice as much at $160, but offers significant midsole and outsole improvements that justify the higher price tag for performance-focused runners.

Performance Comparison:


The well-cushioned Gel Nimbus series has always been a comfortable option for walking and all-day wear. The Nimbus 25’s softer FlyteFoam Blast Turbo midsole foam provides even more luxurious cushioning and support mile after mile of walking compared to the respectable but firmer ride of the 24. The durable rubber outsoles on both models also grip well on varied outdoor walking surfaces.


For runners, the responsive FlyteFoam Blast Turbo insert in the Nimbus 25 gives it much more cushioning and better energy return for pushing off during runs across paces compared to the 24. The improved bounce and flexibility engineered into the 25 makes it the clear choice for racking up higher mileage training runs.

Plantar Fasciitis:

The well-cushioned Nimbus 25 provides the plush shock absorption and arch support that plantar fasciitis sufferers need thanks to the soft and responsive FlyteFoam Blast Turbo midsole.

Many reviewers with PF found the 25 effectively relieved painful inflammation in the heel and arch areas during activity. The 24 lacks the same generous cushioning to defuse PF discomfort.

Standing All Day:

The cushioning systems in the Nimbus 25 tend to break down less over time compared to the 24, making it more comfortable for extended wear like long-standing work shifts.

The durable and grippy rubber outsole also maintains traction on hard and slippery surfaces, an asset for nurses, retail workers, and others on their feet all day.

Final Verdict:

Overall, while the Nimbus 24 is a well-rounded neutral trainer, the Nimbus 25 takes the lead in many key areas with its improved midsole foam that provides better cushioning, bounce, flexibility, and longevity.

The more energetic and comfortable ride of the Nimbus 25 makes it the better choice for most neutral runners’ needs, from daily road miles to recovery jogs. Plus, it relieves heel and arch pain far better for chronic issues like plantar fasciitis.

Unless you have very wide feet and need the roomier toe box of the 24, the Nimbus 25 is the clear winner when compared head-to-head thanks to its thoughtful upgrades like the plush FlyteFoam Blast Turbo midsole. Give this re-energized classic a run for your next go-to neutral running shoe!

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