Brooks Ghost 16 VS Asics Kayano 31: What Should I Buy?

Choosing the right pair of running shoes can make a world of difference in your performance, comfort, and injury prevention. Two of the most popular and highly-regarded options on the market are the Brooks Ghost 16 and the Asics Kayano 31.

Both shoes offer exceptional cushioning, support, and durability, but they cater to slightly different needs. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll dive deep into the features, materials, and performance of each shoe, helping you determine which one is the better fit for your running goals and preferences.

Similarities And Differences Between Brooks Ghost 16 And Asics Kayano 31:

FeatureBrooks Ghost 16Asics Kayano 31
Launched In20242023
StabilityNeutralStability + Neutral
SizingTrue to SizeTrue to Size
Weight9.5 oz / 269.3g10.7 oz / 305g
OutsoleRubberHybrid ASICSGRIP™
MidsoleDNA Loft v3FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO + PureGEL™
UpperEngineered MeshEngineered Mesh
Retail Price$140$165

Features Comparison:

Material: Outsole, Insole, Upper

The Brooks Ghost 16 features a durable rubber outsole designed for optimal traction on roads and pavements. Its midsole is constructed with DNA Loft v3, a responsive and lightweight cushioning system that adapts to your stride. The upper utilizes an engineered mesh material that promotes breathability and a secure, comfortable fit.



On the other hand, the Asics Kayano 31 boasts a hybrid ASICSGRIP™ outsole that enhances grip and durability. Its midsole combines FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO, a cushioning system made with 20% bio-based content, and PureGEL™ technology for soft, responsive landings. The upper also features an engineered mesh material for breathability and a supportive fit.


Both shoes are built to withstand the rigors of regular running and training. The Brooks Ghost 16 is known for its long-lasting cushioning and durable outsole, ensuring a consistent ride even after logging numerous miles.

Similarly, the Asics Kayano 31 is engineered with high-quality materials and construction, making it a reliable choice for runners seeking a shoe that can go the distance.


The Ghost 16 offers a true-to-size fit with an enhanced upper design that wraps the foot securely. Its engineered mesh conforms to your foot shape, providing a snug yet comfortable feel without restricting movement or breathability. The internal bootie and padded collar ensure a locked-in, supportive fit.



The Kayano 31 delivers a supportive, snug fit tailored for neutral and overpronating runners. Its engineered mesh upper hugs the foot securely, while the knit heel pull tab allows easy on/off. The true-to-size sizing ensures a precise, comfortable fit with enough room for toe splay.


The Brooks Ghost 16 is designed as a neutral running shoe, providing a balanced and stable ride for runners with a natural gait pattern. It offers a supportive and responsive platform without any specific stability features for overpronation control.

On the other hand, the Asics Kayano 31 incorporates advanced stability technologies, including the 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, to create adaptive stability and promote a more balanced stride. This makes it an excellent choice for both neutral and overpronating runners seeking extra support and motion control.


Both the Brooks Ghost 16 and the Asics Kayano 31 offer maximum cushioning, ensuring a plush and comfortable ride for runners seeking ample impact protection. The Ghost 16 achieves its cushioned feel through the DNA Loft v3 midsole, which provides responsive and adaptive cushioning.

The Kayano 31, on the other hand, combines FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO and PureGEL™ technologies in its midsole, delivering cloud-like comfort and soft, responsive landings with every stride. This level of premium cushioning makes both shoes excellent choices for long-distance training and high-mileage runs.

Value for Money:

Considering their respective price points, both shoes offer excellent value for money. The Brooks Ghost 16, priced at $140, delivers exceptional cushioning, durability, and a comfortable fit at a more affordable price point.

The Asics Kayano 31, while slightly more expensive at $165, justifies its cost with its advanced stability features, premium cushioning, and overall performance for both neutral and overpronating runners.

Performance Comparision:

For Walking:

Both the Brooks Ghost 16 and the Asics Kayano 31 are excellent choices for walkers seeking maximum cushioning and comfort. The Ghost 16’s plush DNA Loft v3 midsole provides a smooth, responsive ride, while the Kayano 31’s FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO and PureGEL™ technologies offer exceptional shock absorption and comfort during long walks.

For Running:

The Brooks Ghost 16 is an outstanding option for neutral runners seeking a cushioned and responsive ride. Its smooth transitions and consistent cushioning make it a reliable choice for training and race days.

The Asics Kayano 31, on the other hand, caters to both neutral and overpronating runners with its adaptive stability features and premium cushioning, making it an excellent choice for those seeking support and comfort during their runs.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

Both shoes offer ample cushioning and support, which can be beneficial for runners suffering from plantar fasciitis. The Brooks Ghost 16’s plush midsole and neutral design can help alleviate stress on the plantar fascia, while the Asics Kayano 31’s stability features and cushioning can provide additional support for overpronating runners prone to plantar fasciitis.

For Standing All Day:

The maximum cushioning and supportive designs of both shoes make them suitable options for individuals who spend long hours on their feet. The Brooks Ghost 16’s soft, responsive cushioning can provide comfort and impact protection, while the Asics Kayano 31’s stability features and cushioning can help alleviate fatigue and discomfort for those who overpronate or have flat feet.

final verdict:

Ultimately, the choice between the Brooks Ghost 16 and the Asics Kayano 31 comes down to your individual needs and preferences. If you’re a neutral runner seeking a plush, responsive ride with excellent cushioning and a comfortable fit, the Brooks Ghost 16 is an outstanding option.

However, if you overpronate or require additional stability features, the Asics Kayano 31 is an excellent choice, offering adaptive support and premium cushioning for a balanced, comfortable stride.

For runners seeking maximum cushioning and a versatile shoe suitable for various activities, including walking, running, and standing for extended periods, both models excel in their ways.

Consider your specific requirements, such as arch support, gait pattern, and intended use, to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and preferences.

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