Asics Gel Cumulus 24 VS Gel Cumulus 25: What Should I Buy?

Runners, brace yourselves for an epic showdown between two heavyweight contenders in the world of running shoes – the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and the Asics Gel Cumulus 25. Countless athletes have trusted these fan favorites from the renowned Asics brand for their exceptional comfort and performance.

But which one reigns supreme? Join us as we delve into a comprehensive comparison, dissecting every aspect from cushioning to stability, to help you make an informed decision and find your perfect stride.

Similarities And Differences Between Asics Cumulus 24 and Cumulus 25:

FeatureAsics Gel Cumulus 24Asics Gel Cumulus 25
Launched In20222023
StabilityNeutralNeutral, Stable
Flexibilitya lot of flexibilityStiff forefoot
WeightMen’s: 10.1 oz, Women’s: 8.8 ozMen’s US 9: 9.3 oz (264g)
CushionPlushPlush FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole with silicone gel pad in heel
Out SoleHarder rubber under the heel, thinner forefoot rubberDurable AHAR Rubber (AHAR Lo and AHAR Plus)
Mid SoleDual-density Flytefoam, visible Gel padFlyteFoam Blast+
Upper SolePlush and comfortable upperThick, breathable mesh
Retail Price$130$140

Features Comparison:

Materials: Outsole, Insole, Upper

The Asics Gel Cumulus 24 features a plush and comfortable upper material, providing a luxurious feel and excellent step-in comfort. The outsole utilizes a harder rubber compound under the heel for increased durability, while the forefoot features a thinner rubber for better flexibility and grip.


Asics Gel Cumulus 25

On the other hand, the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 boasts a thick, breathable mesh upper that promotes airflow and keeps your feet cool during intense workouts. The midsole is constructed with Asics’ proprietary FlyteFoam Blast+ technology, delivering responsive cushioning and energy return.

Additionally, a silicone gel pad in the heel enhances shock absorption, making this shoe a standout in the cushioning department. The Gel Cumulus 25 also features a dual-density Flytefoam midsole and an 8 mm heel drop. The outsole construction is similar to the Gel Cumulus 24, with a harder rubber compound under the heel for durability and a thinner rubber in the forefoot for flexibility and grip.


Both the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and Gel Cumulus 25 are constructed with durable materials to withstand the demands of regular running and training. The outsoles feature harder rubber compounds under the heel for enhanced longevity in this high-wear area.

The Gel Cumulus 25’s thick mesh upper is designed to resist premature breakdown from friction and abrasion. While specific lifespan estimates are not provided, Asics shoes are renowned for their durability, ensuring these models can handle racking up the miles over an extended period with proper care and maintenance.


The Asics Gel Cumulus 24 is praised for its plush, comfortable upper that hugs the foot snugly, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. However, some runners may find the upper material a bit warm, especially during intense workouts or in hot weather conditions.


Asics Gel Cumulus 25 TOP VIEW

The Gel Cumulus 25, on the other hand, addresses this issue with its breathable mesh upper, allowing for better airflow and a cooler in-shoe environment.


Both the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and Gel Cumulus 25 are designed as neutral shoes, catering to runners with a neutral stride pattern. However, the Gel Cumulus 25 is described as “stable,” suggesting that it offers slightly more support and motion control compared to its predecessor. This makes the Gel Cumulus 25 a better option for runners who require a bit more stability without compromising on cushioning.


When it comes to cushioning, both shoes excel in delivering a plush and comfortable ride. The Asics Gel Cumulus 24 is praised for its overall cushioned feel, while the Gel Cumulus 25 takes it a step further with its FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole and silicone gel pad in the heel.

This combination provides exceptional shock absorption and energy return, making the Gel Cumulus 25 a top choice for runners seeking maximum cushioning.

Value for Money:

Both the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and Gel Cumulus 25 offer great value for their respective price points. The Gel Cumulus 24, priced at $130, is a relatively affordable option for runners seeking a comfortable, versatile everyday trainer.

The Gel Cumulus 25, slightly more expensive at $140, justifies its higher price tag with its advanced cushioning technologies and stable ride. Considering the overall quality and performance of these shoes, they represent a worthwhile investment for runners prioritizing comfort and cushioning.

Performance Comparision:

For Walking:

Both the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and Gel Cumulus 25 are excellent choices for walking. Their plush cushioning systems absorb impact effectively, reducing stress on the joints and providing a comfortable experience during extended walks.

However, the Gel Cumulus 25 may have a slight edge due to its advanced FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole and silicone gel pad in the heel, which offer superior shock absorption and energy return.

For Running:

When it comes to running, the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 emerges as the better option. Its stable ride and stiff forefoot provide the necessary support and responsiveness for efficient heel-to-toe transitions during running.

Additionally, the breathable mesh upper and improved cushioning technologies make the Gel Cumulus 25 more suitable for tackling longer distances and intense training sessions.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

Both shoes can be beneficial for runners with plantar fasciitis, thanks to their plush cushioning systems that help alleviate heel pain and inflammation. However, the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 may have an advantage due to its silicone gel pad in the heel, which provides targeted cushioning and shock absorption in this high-impact area.

For Standing All Day:

If you’re someone who spends long hours on their feet, either the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 or Gel Cumulus 25 could be a suitable choice. Their cushioned midsoles and comfortable uppers offer excellent support and relief for tired feet.

However, the breathable mesh upper of the Gel Cumulus 25 may provide better ventilation, keeping your feet cooler and more comfortable during extended periods of standing.

final verdict:

Choosing between the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 and Gel Cumulus 25 ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences as a runner. If you’re seeking a reliable, comfortable, and versatile everyday trainer that excels at longer distances, the Asics Gel Cumulus 24 is an excellent choice. Its plush upper and affordable price point make it a great value proposition.

However, if you’re looking for a shoe that takes cushioning and stability to the next level, the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 is the clear winner. With its advanced FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole, silicone gel pad in the heel, and breathable mesh upper, it delivers unparalleled cushioning, shock absorption, and a stable ride – perfect for runners who demand maximum comfort and support during their training sessions.

Ultimately, both shoes are exceptional options from Asics, catering to different preferences and needs. By considering factors like cushioning, stability, durability, and fit, you can make an informed decision and choose the shoe that best aligns with your running goals and requirements.

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