Asics Novablast 4 VS Gel Nimbus 26: What Should I Buy?

Running enthusiasts are always searching for the perfect shoes that strike the ideal balance between cushioning, support, and durability. Two models from the renowned brand Asics have caught the attention of runners worldwide the Novablast 4 and the Gel Nimbus 26.

These shoes promise to deliver an exceptional running experience, but which one truly stands out? Join us as we delve into a comprehensive comparison, exploring the details that set them apart and determine which one is the better fit for your unique needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Asics Novablast 4 And Gel Nimbus 26:

FeatureAsics Novablast 4Asics Gel Nimbus 26
Launched In20232023
SizingTrue to SizeTrue to Size
Weight260g / 9.2oz304g / 10.7oz
Upper SoleEngineered WovenEngineered Knit
Retail Price$140$160

Features Comparison:

Material: Outsole, Insole, Upper

The Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26 showcase Asics’ commitment to sustainability and innovation through their material choices. The Novablast 4’s outsole features the durable AHAR® rubber compound, while the Gel Nimbus 26 takes it a step further with the AHAR®PLUS™ and ASICS®GRIP™ technologies, promising enhanced traction, softness, and durability.


Asics Gel-Nimbus 26

Both shoes boast the responsive and eco-friendly FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO midsole cushioning, made with 20% recycled bio-based content. However, the Gel Nimbus 26 adds an extra layer of comfort with PureGEL® technology, known for its lightweight cushioning and softer landings.

The upper materials differ, with the Novablast 4 featuring an engineered woven upper for stretch, ventilation, and durability, while the Gel Nimbus 26 opts for an engineered knit upper that wraps the foot in a soft, breathable embrace.

2) Durability:

When it comes to longevity, both shoes hold their ground admirably. The Novablast 4’s AHAR® outsole and engineered woven upper are designed to withstand the rigors of regular training, ensuring that the shoe maintains its structural integrity and cushioning over time.

The Gel Nimbus 26, on the other hand, takes durability a step further with its AHAR®PLUS™ outsole rubber, engineered for advanced durability. Additionally, the knit upper’s recycled content contributes to its long-lasting nature, making it a dependable companion for high-mileage runners.

3) Fit:

Achieving the perfect fit is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. The Novablast 4 features a tongue wing construction that aims to improve the fit while reducing tongue movement, complemented by a gusseted tongue wing fit system for enhanced midfoot support and reduced tongue sliding.


Asics Gel-Nimbus 26 Top view

The Gel Nimbus 26, on the other hand, prioritizes a snug and supportive fit through its engineered knit upper that wraps the foot securely. Both shoes are designed to be true to size, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit right out of the box.

4) Stability:

Neutral runners and those with underpronation tendencies will find solace in the stability offerings of both the Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26. These shoes are designed to accommodate normal to high arches, providing effective shock absorption and even weight distribution throughout the gait cycle.

The Novablast 4’s trampoline-inspired outsole design aims to deliver a responsive bounce-back, while the Gel Nimbus 26’s PureGEL® technology contributes to its stable and cushioned ride.

5) Cushioning:

Prepare to feel like you’re running on clouds with the maximum cushioning capabilities of these two models. The Novablast 4’s FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning promises cloud-like comfort and softer landings, while the Gel Nimbus 26 takes it a step further by combining the same midsole material with PureGEL® technology for an ultra-plush and responsive ride.

Both shoes prioritize comfort and shock absorption, ensuring that your joints and muscles are protected from the repetitive impact of running.

6) Value for Money:

When it comes to value for money, the Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26 offer competitive prices for their respective features and technologies. The Novablast 4, priced at $140, delivers an energized ride with its responsive cushioning and durable construction, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious runners.

On the other hand, the Gel Nimbus 26, retailing at $160, justifies its slightly higher price tag with its advanced cushioning system, superior durability, and premium materials. For runners seeking the ultimate in cushioned comfort and longevity, the Gel Nimbus 26 may be worth the investment.

Performance comparison:

1) For Walking:

Both the Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26 excel in providing a comfortable and supportive experience for walking. The Novablast 4’s lightweight construction and responsive cushioning make it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more energetic stride, while the Gel Nimbus 26’s plush cushioning and stability features cater to those seeking maximum comfort and support during extended periods of walking.

2) For Running:

When it comes to running, the Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26 cater to different preferences. The Novablast 4’s trampoline-inspired outsole design and responsive cushioning make it an ideal choice for runners who prioritize an energetic and bouncy ride, particularly for speed work and shorter distances.

Conversely, the Gel Nimbus 26 shines as a workhorse for long-distance running, with its PureGEL® technology and enhanced durability ensuring consistent cushioning and support throughout extended mileage.

3) For Plantar Fasciitis:

Runners suffering from plantar fasciitis will appreciate the ample cushioning and support offered by both shoes. The Novablast 4’s cloud-like FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning helps reduce the strain on the plantar fascia, while the Gel Nimbus 26’s combination of PureGEL® and FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO technologies provide an extra layer of comfort for those dealing with this painful condition.

4) For Standing All Day:

If your lifestyle involves prolonged periods of standing, the Gel Nimbus 26 may have a slight edge over the Novablast 4. Its PureGEL® technology and plush cushioning are designed to alleviate the strain on your feet and joints, making it an excellent choice for those who spend long hours on their feet.

While the Novablast 4’s cushioning is impressive, the Gel Nimbus 26’s superior comfort and support may be better suited for extended standing periods.

Final Verdict:

In the battle between the Asics Novablast 4 and Gel Nimbus 26, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and running goals. The Novablast 4 emerges as the prime pick for those seeking an energetic, responsive ride, making it ideal for speed work and shorter distances.

Conversely, the Gel Nimbus 26 reigns supreme in cushioned comfort and support, excelling during long-distance endeavors or extended periods on your feet. Whichever you choose, rest assured that both shoes offer exceptional quality and performance from a trusted brand in the running world.

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