Asics vs Balenciaga: Which Is Better?

As an avid sneakerhead with a passion for both performance and fashion footwear, I often get asked – what’s better, Asics or Balenciaga? Both brands cater to different audiences and priorities.

In this comprehensive overview, I’ll compare these two powerhouses across the key factors that matter most to help you decide which fits your lifestyle best.

Comparison Table

Founded In19491919
DurabilityDurable outsoles and quality construction built to withstand athletic wear and tear.Varies by model – some use delicate designer materials not meant for heavy activity.
PerformanceOptimized for athletic activities through technologies that absorb impact, control motion, stabilize feet.Not specifically performance-oriented – more lifestyle fashion shoes than technical gear.
PopularityExtremely popular globally especially among runners and athletes. But still behind giants like Nike and Adidas in overall sales.Among top 10 most prestigious high fashion names globally. Seen as an elite status symbol. Limited distribution contributes to exclusive image.

Asics Overview

Asics was founded way back in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka in Kobe, Japan.

Kihachiro Onitsuka

The name “Asics” actually comes from the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano,” which translates to “healthy soul in a healthy body.” Asics shoes really align with that mission, aiming to provide runners with equipment that enables peak performance.

Throughout its long history, Asics has continuously innovated and evolved its shoe technologies.

Key components that provide the renowned Asics fit and feel include the IGS (Impact Guidance System) for a natural gait cycle, Trusstic System tech for light stability, SpevaFoam cushioning for soft landings, and Dynamic DuoMax support for optimal alignment.

The outer soles utilize Asics’ specialized rubber compounds called AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) that hold up to heavy mileage on roads.

From fast, feather-light racing flats to well-cushioned trainers, Asics offers a diverse range of running shoe models to suit different needs.

But across the board, Asics shoes are known for their structured, classic look and feel.

If you want a running shoe with proven performance and durability from a brand that’s withstood the test of time, Asics is a solid choice.

Balenciaga Overview

Making waves from Spain to the runways of Paris, Balenciaga has been revolutionizing the luxury fashion world for over 100 years since its founding by ingenious couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1919.

Balenciaga founder

Today, under the creative guidance of artistic director Demna Gvasalia, the house of Balenciaga continues to push boundaries with avant-garde silhouettes and daring designs.

Their intricately crafted shoes have especially become coveted status symbols among the fashion elite thanks to their eye-catching aesthetic, premium materials, limited availability, and jaw-dropping price tag. More wearable art than performance gear, Balenciaga footwear caters to those who value dominating the room over setting PBs.

Major Differences Between the Brands

Comfort and Fit

With their advanced cushioning systems and anatomical support features, Asics unquestionably outperforms in overall comfort and accommodating fit – critical factors for active pursuits.

Balenciaga offers varying comfort depending on the silhouette; while some sneakers do incorporate padding, many of their shoes sacrifice cushioning for aesthetics. When it comes to performance footwear, Asics takes the lead.

Durability and Performance

Engineered with athletic activity in mind, Asics constructs shoes to withstand intense training demands, with durable rubber outsoles and reinforced uppers that maintain integrity mile after mile.

Balenciaga results vary wildly depending on materials and intended use, with some ultra-delicate heels unlikely to hold up well to hardcore workouts. For versatile athletic performance across disciplines, opt for the resilience of Asics.


Prepare to splurge if you have your sights set on adding those hunky Balenciaga Triple S sneakers to your lineup, with costs averaging around $800 per pair – over 8 times more than typical Asics pricing! There’s no contest here; if keeping within budget is important, Asics provides exceptional quality and technology at accessible price points compared to luxury labels like Balenciaga.

Design and Style

When it comes to innovation in aesthetic design though, Balenciaga clearly leads the pack. Their willingness to push boundaries and challenge convention has spawned some of fashion’s most monumental silhouettes, like their apocalyptic-chic Triple S model.

Asics tends to play it safer, though they do revisit their archive of earlier designs frequently for inspiration when launching new collections. For those who want their shoes to make a dramatic entrance, Balenciaga offers endless wow factor.


In the world of performance sports, Asics enjoys unparalleled esteem, outfitting athletes of all calibers with pinnacle gear favored for its blend of comfort, support, and responsiveness.

While influential in high fashion spheres rather than sports, Balenciaga holds an equally dominant position, beloved among style icons like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian for its avant-garde expressions of luxury. When it comes to mainstream popularity though, Asics takes the lead.

Target Market

Asics shoes target athletes obsessed with enhancing performance – their technologies and designs cater specifically to amplifying skill across various sports.

Balenciaga, on the contrary, serves fashion insiders who want to look like they’ve arrived from the future – individuals motivated by pioneering originality and wowing with their ensemble. Depending on which best aligns with your priorities and interests, one brand likely resonates strongly.

Performance Comparisons

Best for Nurses

With nurses logging lengthy hours on their feet tending to patients, prioritizing comfort and support is key. Asics delivers the cushioning and stability vital for powering through demanding hospital shifts while reducing pain and fatigue.

Certain Balenciaga styles do integrate padding, but their athletic models would provide more reliable comfort for long days of ministering care. For nurses, Asics is the top pick.

Best for Walking

From lunchtime strolls to exploring new cities, walks should feel fluid and comfortable without jeopardizing that coveted step count. For these activities, Asic thoughtfully engineered walking shoes provide cushioning and flexibility to make miles feel effortless. And their performance-first approach means you avoid sacrificing function for attitude. For unrestricted walking enjoyment, Asics still leads here.

Best for Running

With credentials established through decades developing industry-leading innovations for runners, Asics proves the obvious selection for logging laps around the track or trails.

Between their bouncy energy-returning foams and grippy traction, Asics enables runners to fully immerse in the zone without gear distractions. Fashion-forward Balenciaga won’t cut it once speeds intensify. Asics remains unmatched for running.

Best for Flat Feet

Contending with flat feet introduces unique challenges, like lack of arch support, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, and more. Asics’ stability shoes specifically address these concerns through control features that realign the body and attenuate shock. While some Balenciaga models offer arch reinforcement, their overall catalog lacks options tailored to flat feet. Asics better serves this need.

Best for Back Pain

By cushioning impact and stabilizing alignment that can exacerbate back issues, Asics shoes can help take pressure off the spine during activity. Brands like Balenciaga don’t prioritize these performance demands essential for pained backs. Ultimately those choosing shoes to alleviate discomfort while staying active will benefit most from Asics.

Best for Standing All Day

If you’re on your feet hourly for work, seeking out well-cushioned, supportive shoes is key to combatting pain. With choices designed specifically for workplace environments where mobility is limited, Asics keeps comfort top of mind – an advantage over fashion-geared brands like Balenciaga less conscious of performance demands. For professionals frequently standing, Asics is the worker’s choice.

Best for High Arches

High arches require quality midsole materials that won’t flatten out from pressure while also avoiding arch strains. Across categories, Asics employs innovative foam compounds and structural stability elements engineered for consistency.

Comparatively, Balenciaga lacks the technological specialization required to actively support high-arched feet. For those needing extra arch reinforcement, go Asics.

Best for Hiking

Venturing out into Mother Nature demands gear designed specifically to assist, not hinder. When stepping out on the trail, Asics’ selection of hiking and trail running shoes shines thanks to grippy lugged treads, protective uppers, and terrain-adapting cushioning critical for going the distance in comfort.

Alternatively, Balenciaga’s models cater more to paved urban settings over dirt paths. For optimizing hiking performance, Asics is best equipped for the wilderness trek ahead.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis

The shooting pain from plantar fasciitis can quickly derail an active lifestyle when shoes fail to supply ample cushioning and arch support. Combining plush shock-attenuating midsoles with stabilizing components to ease tension on the plantar fascia, Asics helps prevent the inflammation and discomfort that occurs with this condition.

While some Balenciaga lifestyle silhouettes do integrate padding, their overall catalog lacks options expressly designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis symptoms. To persevere through activity despite this obstinate condition, opt for Asics’ targeted support.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, choosing between Asics and Balenciaga comes down to aligning with your primary priorities – do you value performance, comfort, and accessible pricing? Or original design and luxury status appeal?

For athletes and anyone living an active lifestyle across disciplines, Asics delivers exceptional functionality designed expressly to assist you, not hold you back as you strive for new records, milestones, and achievements.

Their renowned technologies undeniably outshine competitors when it comes to comfort, stability, and responsive energy transfer critical for persevering through even the toughest training sessions and races.

Yet for fashion trailblazers motivated by aesthetics and creativity over shaving seconds off their PRs, Balenciaga enables bold self-expression through avant-garde shoes that command attention, and reflect the progressive mindset of trendsetting innovators who influence, not follow.

So whether you live in sneakers and need the technical specialization to outlast the competition this season, or desire showstopping statement pieces perfect for capturing envy and social media praise – both brands cater their design ethos and standards around aligning with your deeper motivations and lifestyle. Choose what moves you most.

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