Hoka Bondi 8 VS Speedgoat 5: What Should I Buy?

If you’re a runner looking for your next pair of shoes, two of the top options on the market are the Hoka Bondi 8 and the Hoka Speedgoat 5. Both shoes are made by Hoka One One and provide exceptional cushioning and support, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of runner you are and the terrain you tackle.

This in-depth comparison of the key features, performance, and value of the Bondi 8 vs the Speedgoat 5 will help you decide which Hoka shoe is the better choice for your unique needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Bondi 8 and Speedgoat 5:

ModelBondi 8Speedgoat 5
Launched In20222022
SizingTrue to sizeRuns small
Weight10.8 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W)11.2 oz (M), 9.7 oz (W)
OutsoleRubberVibram Megagrip
MidsoleCMEVA FoamCMEVA Foam
UpperEngineered MeshAir Mesh
Retail Price$165$155

Features Comparison


The Bondi 8 uses a durable rubber outsole, cushy CMEVA foam midsole, and an engineered mesh upper for maximum breathability. The materials make the Bondi a comfortable, well-ventilated shoe for easy miles.

Hoka Bondi 8


The Speedgoat 5 utilizes Vibram Megagrip rubber on the outsole which provides excellent traction even on wet or slippery trails. The CMEVA foam midsole offers responsive cushioning while the air mesh upper allows airflow to keep feet cool and dry on long hikes or trail runs. The materials equip the Speedgoat for rugged outdoor terrain.


The Bondi 8 holds up well over many miles thanks to the durable rubber outsole and resilient CMEVA foam. The engineered mesh upper is also designed to withstand regular wear and tear during training runs. Most runners can get over 500 miles out of the Bondi before signs of breakdown.

The Speedgoat 5 is extremely durable and can handle hundreds of miles on rough trails thanks to the hardy Vibram Megagrip outsole and protective upper. The materials are designed to stand up to rocks, roots, and other trail obstacles. The Speedgoat excels in durability for off-road running.


The Bondi 8 runs true to size for most runners but the engineered mesh upper fits snugly, especially in wider feet. The shoe caters more to medium or narrow foot shapes. The extended heel counter locks in the rear foot well. The shoe fits best for neutral runners.

Bondi 8 Top View


The Speedgoat 5 runs small so sizing up a half or full size is recommended. The foot-shaped toe box allows for a comfortable fit and the lacing system customizes the snugness. The shoe will fit moderate to wide foot shapes the best. The locked-in heel provides security on uneven trails.


The Bondi 8 provides excellent stability thanks to the broad outsole and frame-locking design which cradles and supports the foot during the gait cycle. The shoe ensures neutral runners remain in proper alignment on easy runs.

While the Speedgoat 5 does not have stability features for pronation control, the trail-specific outsole, secure lacing system, and cushioning give neutral runners stable footing across varied natural terrain. Technical trail features keep the foot stable laterally.


The standout feature of the Bondi 8 is the exceptionally plush cushioning from the full-compression CMEVA foam midsole and OrthoLite insole. The soft, pillow-like ride protects joints and keeps runners comfortable even during long distances. The shoe provides optimal cushion for recovery days and easy mileage.

While still highly cushioned, the Speedgoat 5 uses firmer foam better suited for trail responsiveness and traction. The midsole balances cushion, protection, and ground control. Runners will feel well-protected during hours on the trail but low drop and response give tactile feedback from the terrain.

Value for Money:

With a $165 price tag, the Bondi 8 offers tremendous value by delivering incredibly soft, marshmallow-like cushioning that appeals to a wide range of runners. The comfort and generously cushioned ride handle high mileage and extend the shoe’s lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment.

Similarly, the Speedgoat 5 provides strong value at $155 given its dual purpose as both a long-haul trail runner and a capable hiking shoe thanks to its durable materials, grippy outsole, and secure fit. The versatility makes the Speedgoat a rugged outdoor shoe that lasts in demanding conditions.

Performance Comparison

For Walking:

The plush cushioning of the Bondi 8 makes it an excellent choice for walking long distances thanks to the soft padding underfoot that protects joints and keeps fatigue at bay. The smooth ride and flexible sole allow fluid strides for comfortable walking sessions.

While the Speedgoat 5 can handle walking duties, the firmer midsole does not dampen impact quite as effectively during walking. The outsole lugs are also less suited for flat walking surfaces. The shoe performs better for hiking technical outdoor terrain.

For Running:

Ideal for easygoing runs, the Bondi 8 provides a smooth, well-cushioned ride that keeps runs feeling effortless. The soft foam absorbs impact nicely at any pace but the shoe truly shines for relaxed days when runners want comfort over speed.

As a versatile trail runner, the Speedgoat 5 is in its element when tackling technical terrain, hills, and unpredictable surfaces. The secure upper, grippy traction and responsive cushion excel on everything from rocky paths to dirt trails. The shoe pairs well with uptempo efforts.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

The Bondi 8 is an excellent choice for runners with plantar fasciitis thanks to the plush cushioning and broad base that provide supportive impact absorption with each step. The soft ride prevents the arch strain and inflammation that triggers heel pain.

The Speedgoat 5 can also aid runners dealing with plantar fasciitis by stabilizing the foot and providing responsive cushioning over bumpy ground. However, the firmer midsole may feel slightly less forgiving compared to the plusher Bondi.

For Standing All Day:

The well-cushioned Bondi 8 helps make prolonged standing more comfortable by softening impacts against hard flooring and reducing foot fatigue. However, the snug engineered mesh upper can become uncomfortable over many stationary hours.

With its trail-ready build, the Speedgoat 5 is not ideally suited for standing around all day. Though cushioned, the firmer midsole and tight lacing don’t provide the same relief as a shoe designed for everyday wear.

Final Verdict

While both perform well, the Bondi 8 is the better choice for runners who prioritize soft, pillowy cushioning for easy training runs, walking, plantar fasciitis relief, and recovery days. The plush comfort makes it ideal for high mileage.

For runners who tackle technical terrain like trails, hills, and unpredictable surfaces at higher speeds, the Speedgoat 5 is the clear winner. The durable construction and responsive cushion excel during trail running and hiking adventures off the beaten path.

Determine whether your running routes stick to smooth roads or veer onto rugged trails, and choose the Hoka shoe aligned with the cushion, grip, and performance needs of your running style and surfaces. Both models deliver an exceptionally cushioned ride in their own right environments.

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