Hoka Bondi 8 VS Stinson atr 7: What Should I Buy?

The Bondi 8 and the newly released Stinson ATR 7 represent two of Hoka’s most cushioned shoe models. Both deliver a soft, pillowy ride but are designed for different running environments.

Keep reading to see how the road-ready Bondi 8 compares to the rugged Stinson ATR 7 trail shoe. This in-depth look at their key features and performance will help you decide which Hoka is the best choice for your training and running needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Bondi 8 And Stinson ATR 7:

FeatureHoka Bondi 8Hoka Stinson ATR 7
Launched In20222023
SizingMen’s 7-15, Women’s 5-13Men’s 7-15, Women’s 5-13
Weight10.8 oz (men’s), 9.8 oz (women’s)11.8 oz (men’s), 10.8 oz (women’s)
OutsoleRubberDurabrasion Rubber
MidsoleEVA foamCMEVA foam
UpperEngineered meshEngineered jacquard mesh
Retail Price$165$170

Bondi 8 VS Stinson ATR 7: Features Comparison

Here we will analyze the features of Stinson ATR 7 and Bondi 8 to determine the ideal pair for your needs and style.

1) Materials

The Bondi 8 utilizes a full-length EVA foam midsole to deliver a responsive, cushy feel. A rubber outsole provides durability and traction on varied surfaces. The sleek engineered mesh upper offers lightweight breathability.

The Stinson ATR 7 features an updated CMEVA foam midsole that is softer than prior versions for enhanced cushioning and shock absorption on trails.

The durabrasion rubber outsole has aggressive lugs to grip uneven terrain. A durable jacquard mesh upper balances support and ventilation.

2) Durability

Both models are built to withstand miles of wear and tear. The Bondi 8’s rubber outsole lasts around 500 miles before signs of wear emerge.

Meanwhile, the Stinson ATR 7’s CMEVA midsole retains its plush properties even after 300-500 miles on rugged trails. Its abrasion-resistant outsole also delivers heightened durability for varied topography.

The Stinson ATR 7 gets the edge in longevity thanks to trail-specific features like the reinforced mesh upper and sturdy lugs. But the Bondi 8 still delivers reliable mileage for roads.

3) Fit

The Bondi 8 offers a secure midfoot lockdown and toe box width ideal for most foot shapes. Its seamless interior and padded collar provide next-to-skin comfort.

Bondi 8 Top View
Bondi 8 Top View

Stinson 7 Top View

The Stinson ATR 7 also fits true to size with ample toe box room and a padded collar to eliminate irritation. However, the jacquard mesh upper has structured overlays for a precise midfoot fit when navigating technical trails.

Both shoes should accommodate various foot volumes. The Bondi 8 prioritizes personalized fit, while the Stinson ATR 7 balances comfort and security on uneven terrain.

4) Stability

Although designed for neutral runners, both shoes provide stability techniques suitable for mild overpronators.

The Bondi 8’s broad platform, beveled heel, and guidance rail along the outsole edge gently guide foot motion. Meanwhile, the Stinson ATR 7 utilizes a wide base, external heel counter, and deep longitudinal groove to support neutral alignment on uneven ground.

While not stable models, each shoe supplies just enough correction for smooth transitions without rigidity. However, the Stinson ATR 7 has a slight advantage for particularly uneven surfaces.

5) Cushioning

As expected from Hoka, both deliver ultra-cushioned rides.

The Bondi 8 features a broad EVA foam midsole strategically crafted for pillowy-soft landings across a variety of paces and distances. Technologies like an early-stage Meta-Rocker enhance the plush sensation.

The updated Stinson ATR 7 contains a new CMEVA foam that’s softer than prior versions for superior responsiveness and shock absorption over roots and rocks. The foam retains cushioning properties longer than standard EVA as well.

For road running, the Bondi 8 can’t be beaten for lavish, heel-to-toe cushioning. But the Stinson ATR 7 now rivals the Bondi for lush comfort over trails.

6) Value

With MSRPs of $165 and $170 respectively, both models come at a premium price. However, the high-quality materials, precise engineering, and sheer comfort make them well worth the investment for serious runners.

If choosing, consider the Bondi 8 for road mileage or the Stinson ATR 7 for technical trails. Either way, you can be confident in getting your money’s worth from these thoughtfully constructed, cushy Hokas.

Hoka Stinson ATR 7 VS Hoka Bondi 8: Performance Comparison

You now have a clear idea of the features of both Stinson 7 and Bondi 8. Let’s now compare the performance of both models to determine the ideal choice.

1) Walking

On paved surfaces, the Bondi 8’s plush cushioning absorbs impact to make walking comfortable for hours.

But on rustic trails, the Stinson ATR 7 provides stability and traction without sacrificing softness underfoot. Its durable lugged outsole also grips well on steep or slippery terrain.

2) Road Running

Engineered for roads, the Bondi 8 secures the lead here with its EVA midsole, Meta-Rocker geometry, and smooth transition.

The Stinson ATR 7 can still supply cushion for road miles but shines brightest on technical trails.

3) Trail Running

The Stinson ATR 7 pulls ahead for off-road adventures. Key features like the aggressive lugs, supportive upper, responsive CMEVA foam, and stability elements allow it to traverse dirt, stone, and uneven terrain with ease.

4) Plantar Fasciitis

The Bondi 8 wins again for plantar fasciitis relief. Its ultra-soft midsole absorbs pressure on the plantar fascia during each step, while the rocker profile facilitates a smooth transition to gently stretch the fascia.

The Stinson ATR 7 is too firm underfoot to provide the same soothing comfort.

5) All Day Standing

Cushioning for all-day wear goes to the Bondi 8. The plush EVA midsole and roomy forefoot minimize fatigue from long periods on your feet.

While the Stinson ATR 7 has ample cushion too, the Bondi 8 is specially designed for exceptional comfort during standing and walking.

Final Verdict:

In summary, the Bondi 8 prevails for road running and all-day use thanks to its ultra-plush ride. But the Stinson ATR 7 conquers rugged trails with features explicitly engineered to handle technical topography and uneven terrain confidently.

Choose the shoe that aligns with your running surfaces and training goals to get the ideal fit, feel, and performance. With max cushioning from two celebrated models, you can’t go wrong in selecting either of these Hokas.

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