Hoka Clifton 9 vs On Cloudmonster: What Should I Buy?

Finding the right running shoe can be a challenge with the wide variety of options available today. Two popular neutral cushioned trainers are the Hoka One One Clifton 9 and the On Cloudmonster.

Both provide soft cushioning and comfortable rides but differ in their purpose and ideal user. This comparison examines the key features and performance of the Clifton 9 and Cloudmonster to help you determine which is the better choice for your needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Clifton 9 and On Cloudmonster:

FeatureHoka Clifton 9On Cloudmonster
Launched In20232022
SizingMen’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11Men’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11
Weight9.6 oz (M), 8.8 oz (W)9.8 oz (M), 8.6 oz (W)
OutsoleDurabrade RubberSpeedboard
MidsoleCMEVA FoamHelion Foam
Retail Price$145$170

Features Comparison:

Below we have compared both shoes based on their features to help you make an ideal choice.


The Hoka Clifton 9 features a durable Durabrade rubber outsole, breathable engineered mesh upper, and soft CMEVA foam midsole.

Clifton 9

Cloud Monster

The On Cloudmonster uses a unique Speedboard outsole made of Pebax foam, a mesh upper for ventilation, and Helion super foam in the midsole for responsive cushioning.


Both shoes offer decent durability for high-mileage training, with rubber outsoles that resist wear.

The Clifton 9’s outsole may last slightly longer than the Cloudmonster’s Speedboard material. The mesh uppers are also designed to handle frequent use, although some find the upper on the Cloudmonster is more prone to tearing.


The Clifton 9 runs narrow, especially in the toe box, so it may not work well for wide feet.

Clifton 9 Top View

Cloud Monster Top View

The Cloudmonster has a wider fit through the midfoot and forefoot, accommodating more foot shapes. The Cloudmonster may work better for runners needing more room.


As neutral shoes, neither model offers pronation control or stability features. However, the Clifton 9’s firmer midsole provides a stable platform for most runners. The soft Helion foam of the Cloudmonster allows for more foot movement on impact, which some may find less stable.


Both shoes provide plush, soft cushioning that absorbs impact well.

The Clifton 9 offers a bit more cushioning thanks to its high-stack CMEVA foam midsole. The Cloudmonster uses Helion foam for a responsive, slightly firmer ride. For runners wanting the most cushioned feel, the Clifton 9 has a slight edge.


With retail prices of $145 and $170, neither shoe is considered budget-friendly.

The Cloudmonster costs a bit more but doesn’t offer enhanced performance or features over the Clifton 9 to justify the higher price tag.

Overall, the Clifton 9 may provide better value for the amount of cushioning and comfort it delivers.

Performance Comparison:

We have also compared the performance of Clifton 9 and Cloudmonster below to see who excels.


The plush cushioning of both the Clifton 9 and Cloudmonster makes them comfortable options for walking. The rockered sole encourages a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The Cloudmonster may feel slightly less stable at slower paces, but overall both models perform well for walking training sessions or recovery days.


Ideal for easy daily runs, the Clifton 9 provides a soft, smooth ride. The rockered profile allows an efficient toe-off while the cushioning absorbs impact. With its responsive foam and Speedboard outsole, the Cloudmonster offers more versatility for varied paces from a marathon long run to tempo sessions.

Plantar Fasciitis

The Clifton 9’s high cushioning and stiff midsole help reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis by absorbing shock. The Cloudmonster’s softer foam compresses more, allowing better conformation to the foot but less structure. For severe plantar fasciitis, the Clifton 9 may help alleviate discomfort more effectively during activity.

Standing All Day

Cushioning is key for standing all day, making both models solid options. However, the Clifton 9’s firmer midsole and higher stack height provide better support and energy return needed for extended time on your feet. The Cloudmonster’s softer foam may compress too much over many hours of wear when stationary.

Final Verdict:

For runners looking for a maximally cushioned trainer best suited for recovery days and slow miles, the Hoka Clifton 9 is the better choice. Its plush ride, stable platform, and smooth rockered profile create an ultra-comfortable shoe.

The On Cloudmonster is a versatile cushioned trainer ready to handle everything from easy runs to tempo workouts. Its responsive midsole and unique outsole give it a livelier feel for moving at quicker paces.

Consider your training needs and preferences for fit, cushioning, and stability to decide which neutral shoe matches your style.

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