Hoka Mach 5 VS Bondi 8: What Should I Buy?

If you’re a runner looking for your next pair of Hokas, you may be trying to decide between the Hoka Mach 5 and the Hoka Bondi 8. Both of these shoes offer the signature Hoka cushioning but have some key differences that can help determine which is better for your specific needs.

Keep reading as we compare and contrast these two popular Hoka models across a variety of categories like stability, fit, cushioning, and value. By the end, you’ll have a clear sense of whether the nimble Mach 5 or the plush Bondi 8 is the right choice for you.

Similarities And Differences Between Mach 5 and Bondi 8:

FeatureHoka Mach 5Hoka Bondi 8
Launched In20222022
SizingMen’s 7-15, Women’s 5-12Men’s 7-15, Women’s 5-12
Weight8.8 oz (men’s 9), 7.4 oz (women’s 8)10.8 oz (men’s 9), 9.4 oz (women’s 8)
UpperEngineered meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$140$165

Features Comparison: Mach 5 vs Bondi 8

Here we will analyze how the features of the Mach 5 and Bondi compare.

1) Materials

The Mach 5 uses a compressed EVA foam midsole along with a ProFly+ insert for responsive cushioning. The outsole utilizes Vibram Megagrip rubber for traction and durability. The engineered mesh upper provides a breathable and flexible fit.

Hoka Mach 5

Hoka Bondi 8
Hoka Bondi 8

The Bondi 8 also has a ProFly+ midsole and Vibram Megagrip outsole but uses a full-compression EVA midsole for maximum cushioning. Both shoes use high-quality materials for a comfortable ride.

2) Durability

The Bondi 8 may have a slight edge in durability thanks to its maximum cushioning and full EVA midsole. The Mach 5’s firmer midsole foam means it may compress and lose some bounce over time.

However, both use durable outsole rubber and strong uppers so they should easily last over 300 miles of use with proper rotation. The Bondi 8 comes out ahead for marathon training while the Mach 5 should hold up fine for most runners.

3) Fit

The Mach 5 runs true to size for most runners but has a snug midfoot wrap and sleek profile for a performance fit. The Bondi 8 has a wider toe box and a more generous upper for a more relaxed fit.

Those needing a wider forefoot may prefer the Bondi while narrower feet will appreciate the Mach 5’s dialed-in midfoot hold. Both have similar heel construction for security in the back. Go with your usual running shoe size in both models.

4) Stability

As neutral shoes, neither the Mach 5 nor Bondi 8 offer significant stability mechanisms. The Mach 5 has a lower 5mm drop which brings the foot slightly closer to the ground for a more natural running form.

Mach 5 Top View

Bondi 8 Top View
Bondi 8 Top View

The Bondi 8’s 4mm is also a relatively low drop for enhanced proprioception. If you are a moderate overpronator or have had injury issues, a dedicated stability shoe would be preferable to either of these models. Both are best for neutral runners without pronation problems.

5) Cushioning

Here is where these two Hoka models differ the most. The Bondi 8 lives up to its name as a max cushion shoe with a plush, pillowy midsole. The full compression EVA and 4mm drop provide a soft landing for easy miles and recovery runs.

The Mach 5 utilizes a firmer compressed EVA and 5mm drop for a responsive, medium-cushioned ride. It offers ample protection but with more road feel than the Bondi.

Choose the Bondi for supreme softness or the Mach 5 if you prefer cushioning with feedback.

6) Value for Money

At $165, the Bondi 8 does come with a slight price premium over the $140 Mach 5. However, runners looking for that famous Hoka cushioning will appreciate the extra comfort from the additional materials in the Bondi 8.

The Mach 5 hits a nice sweet spot as an everyday trainer with a good balance of features at a reasonable price point. Unless you really crave that super soft Hoka feel, the Mach 5 likely provides better value in this matchup.

Performance Comparison: Hoka Bondi 8 Vs Mach 5

So far we have told you the major differences between the features of Mach 5 and Bondi 8. Let’s now see how both shoes compare in the performance department.

1) Walking

The Bondi 8 is the clear choice for extended walking sessions thanks to its superior cushioning. The plush midsole keeps feet happy mile after mile while the breathable upper ensures ventilation on warm days.

The Mach 5 can certainly work for walking but some may find its medium-soft cushioning less forgiving over long distances. Go Bondi for supreme walking comfort.

2) Running

As a more versatile everyday trainer, the Mach 5 is the better pick for most running. It provides a good balance of cushioning and road feel for tempo runs while also working for easy miles. The snugger fit gives it a more secure and stable platform for faster paces.

The Bondi 8 is excellent for recovery runs but some may find it too soft for speed work or racing. Choose the Bondi for easier running and the Mach 5 if you want one shoe to do it all.

3) Plantar Fasciitis

The Bondi 8’s maximum cushioning helps absorb heel strike shock that can aggravate plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

Those with sensitive heels will appreciate the soft landing. However, the Mach 5’s firmer ride encourages a less jarring transition which can also ease pressure on the plantar fascia over time.

Either shoe can work for plantar fasciitis but the Bondi may provide instant relief while the Mach 5 promotes healthy form.

4) Standing All Day

Cushioning is king when you have to be on your feet all day. Here, the Bondi 8 again takes the win with its plush foam that helps reduce fatigue and joint pain during extended standing.

The Mach 5 just can’t quite match the same level of comfort as the Bondi. However, the Mach’s lower drop does encourage you to engage your feet and legs more for improved circulation. Go Bondi for pure comfort, Mach if you need help activating your lower muscles.

Final Verdict:

In the battle between the Hoka Mach 5 vs the Bondi 8, the Bondi is the clear choice if you want maximum cushioning for walking, recovery runs, and foot pain relief. Its soft construction envelopes feet in pillowy comfort but comes at a slight weight penalty.

For those seeking an agile, responsive everyday trainer, the Mach 5 gets the nod with its moderately cushioned and energetic midsole. The snugger fit provides a stable and nimble platform for faster speeds.

Choose the Bondi 8 for supreme softness or the Mach 5 if you prefer a more versatile cushioning blend. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the blissful ride that is the signature of Hoka shoes.

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