Saucony Triumph 19 VS Triumph 20: What Should I Buy?

The Saucony Triumph series has long been a favorite for runners seeking a comfortable and durable daily trainer. The launch of the Saucony Triumph 20 in 2021 introduced several updates aimed at improving upon the successful Triumph 19 model.

This in-depth comparison reviews the key similarities and differences between the Triumph 19 and Triumph 20 over various performance metrics to provide a comprehensive overview that helps you determine which version of this popular shoe is the better choice for your needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Saucony Triumph 19 And Triumph 20:

FeatureSaucony Triumph 19Saucony Triumph 20
Launched In20212022
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Weight10.6 oz (men’s), 9.2 oz (women’s)9.7 oz (men’s), 8.6 oz (women’s)
OutsoleXT-900 rubberRubber
UpperEngineered meshMesh
Retail Price$100$160

Features Comparison:


The Triumph 19 implements a PWRRUN+ midsole foam which provides a balanced cushioning experience that is suitably responsive yet still feels pleasingly soft against the foot.


Saucony Triumph 20

The Triumph 20 upgraded the midsole compound to the new PWRUN foam, uniquely engineered to feel more lively and energetic underfoot while still retaining that same preferred plush and well-cushioned ride.

Both models use a hardy rubber outsole built to handle hundreds of miles and lightweight engineered mesh uppers for breathability, however, the Triumph 20 utilizes an upgraded lighter and more breathable mesh engineered to wrap the foot in next-level comfort better.


Meeting expectations from the highly regarded Saucony brand, the Triumph series is widely praised for its proven durability – smoothly capable of accumulating many trouble-free miles of training without compromise. The preceding Triumph 19 earned its reputation as a tireless workhorse trainer ready to stand up to even the highest mileage regimens.

While the Triumph 20 has more recently arrived on the market, thorough testing and early reviews spotlight that it upholds the same robust durability and longevity that runners have come to expect from successive and improved versions of this trusted neutral shoe model.

Both options implement sturdy rubber outsoles using specific technologies to resist wear and tear even after withstanding hundreds of hard miles pounding the pavement.


These well-regarded neutral trainers deliver an accommodating true-to-size fit with a secure midfoot lockdown that adapts smoothly to a wide range of foot shapes.

The updated Triumph 20 includes an improved heel collar engineered for an even more locked-in and frictionless fit around the ankle. Some wearers found the Triumph 19 to fit slightly longer through the toe box area.


Saucony Triumph 20 Top View

The Triumph 20 fine-tuned the fit through the midfoot and heel zones while still retaining the preferred roomy toe box volume better suited to runners requiring a trainer that can more comfortably adapt to wider foot proportions.


Both the Triumph 19 and successor Triumph 20 models are designed to supply neutral support that will most match the performance needs of runners with neutral pronation and gaits.

The calculated midsole geometry and construction of each respective model is precisely engineered to actively encourage the foot’s natural positioning and movement throughout each step of the gait cycle.

For runners focused on stability or seeking to prevent overpronation, Saucony produces the highly rated Guide model that smartly incorporates medial support features where needed to deliver corrective guidance.


Widely renowned for its plush cushioning, the Triumph series relies on Saucony’s advanced PWRRUN and PWRRUN+ foam compounds to deliver enduring softness underfoot and maintain a responsive feel run after run.

The updated Triumph 20 increased the overall stack height and fine-tuned the shock absorption properties to achieve an even plusher and more cloud-like cushioned feel, especially welcomed and noticed during longer mileage training days.

The extra level of cushioning makes the Triumph 20 a stand-out for checking off easy-paced miles across long-distance routes compared to the preceding Triumph 19 version.


With an original MSRP of $100, the preceding Triumph 19 delivered excellent value for performance-driven runners seeking out a durable daily trainer capable of comfortably tacking on mile after mile.

The newly engineered Triumph 20 increased the price point to $160, which remains competitively reasonable but also positions it more directly against other premium cushioned trainers in the category.

The noticeably improved plush ride quality achieved by the updated Triumph 20 model helps warrant its slightly higher retail price, however, the reliable Triumph 19 still represents a great option for budget-focused buyers wanting comparable neutral performance without overspending.

Performance Comparision:

For Walking:

Both models provide a smooth and comfortable walking shoe experience right out of the box, however, the additional cushioning technologies built into the Triumph 20 make it the unanimous stand-out pick for all-day wear comfort, even during extended walking excursions.

The plush midsole foam ensures feet stay adequately cushioned and comfortable even after accumulating many miles of walking, while the preceding Triumph 19 is more likely to lose some of its touted underfoot softness over time and sustained use.

For Running:

Ideal for logging easy pace miles across long distances, the enhanced bounce-back characteristics and energy return properties of the updated Triumph 20 give it a slight performance advantage over its predecessor.

However, some runners may still gravitate to and prefer the more classic daily trainer feel dutifully provided by the preceding Triumph 19. Both neutral options deliver generous cushioning mile after mile, with the Triumph 20 creating an overall more dynamic and lively ride.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

The abundant cushioning technologies and stability features engineered into both models make them a great choice for runners managing plantar fasciitis and other common forms of running-related foot pain.

The Triumph 20’s additional midsole foam and improved shock absorption helps further reduce pain and discomfort, incrementally improving upon an already great shoe option thoughtfully built to support problematic feet. Those needing extra arch support may still require an additional orthotic insert.

For Standing All Day:

The Triumph series has long provided proven all-day wear comfort, with the updated Triumph 20 specifically designed to maintain its signature plush cushioning properties even after accumulating many miles of use across long work shifts.

Nurses, teachers and retail workers seeking a comfortable yet professional-looking athletic shoe option can confidently rely on the Triumph 20 to get them through those extra-long shifts where being on their feet all day is a job requirement.

Final Verdict:

For runners willing to spend a little more for the ultimate in plush cushioning and an energetic ride, the Saucony Triumph 20 is the winner. The upgrades in comfort and bounce make it the ideal choice for long, easy runs.

However, the Triumph 19 still impresses with its cushioning and high-mileage durability. For runners on a tighter budget or who prefer a more traditional neutral trainer, the Triumph 19 represents tremendous value and also deserves consideration.

Both models are well-cushioned, durable workhorses ready to take on the miles. Choosing between the Triumph 19 and Triumph 20 comes down to personal preferences around price point and tuning the ride towards a softer feel versus a more classic trainer experience. With its recently enhanced features earning rave reviews, the Triumph 20 captures the title of the superior model in this Saucony showdown.

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