Hoka Bondi 8 VS Altra Paradigm 6: What Should I Buy?

Looking for a well-cushioned running shoe that offers a smooth and comfortable ride? The Hoka Bondi 8 and the Altra Paradigm 6 are two of the most popular max-cushioned shoes on the market.

Both offer plush cushioning and wide platforms, but they have key differences when it comes to fit, stability, and overall performance.

This in-depth comparison breaks down the specs, features, and real-world performance of the Hoka Bondi 8 and Altra Paradigm 6. We’ll compare materials, durability, fit, stability, cushioning, and value to help you decide which maximal cushioned running shoe is the better choice for you.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Bondi 8 and Altra Paradigm 6:

FeatureHoka Bondi 8Altra Paradigm 6
Launched In20222021
StabilityNeutralModerate Stability
SizingNormalWide Toe Box
Weight11.6 oz (M), 10.4 oz (W)10.4 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W)
MidsoleEVA FoamEgoMAX Foam
UpperEngineered MeshEngineered Mesh
Retail Price$165$136

Features Comparison: Hoka Bondi 8 vS Altra Paradigm 6

In this section we will highlight some major features of both running shoes to help you make an informed decision.


The Hoka Bondi 8 uses a thick EVA foam midsole to provide soft and responsive cushioning underfoot. The upper is made of a breathable engineered mesh. The outsole uses rubber in a unique wave pattern for durability and traction.

Hoka Bondi 8

Altra Paradigm 6
Altra Paradigm 6

The Altra Paradigm 6 also uses a thick foam midsole, but it is made of EgoMAX foam specifically designed to maintain cushioning over time. The upper is a quick-drying mesh material. The outsole is made of high-abrasion rubber in Altra’s FootPod pattern.


The Bondi 8 is quite durable for a max-cushion shoe thanks to the rubber outsole and EVA midsole which maintain their properties over many miles. The Paradigm 6 is also known for its durability due to the EgoMAX midsole foam which resists packing out or flattening over time. Both have an upper that withstands abrasion well.


The Bondi 8 runs true to size for most runners and has a moderate width in the toe box area.

Bondi 8 Top View
Bondi 8 Top View

Altra Paradigm 6 TOP VIEW
Paradigm 6

The Paradigm 6 has Altra’s signature wide toe box to allow natural toe splay and a zero-drop platform to encourage proper foot alignment. The Paradigm 6 accommodates wider feet better.


The Bondi 8 is a neutral shoe without any pronation control features. It has a wide base for inherent stability. The Paradigm 6 is designed for moderate overpronators and has stability features like a medial post and wider base to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot.


Both shoes offer extremely soft and responsive cushioning from their foam midsoles. The Bondi 8 uses a full-length EVA midsole while the Paradigm 6 uses full-length EgoMAX foam.

Testers found both shoes provide ample cushioning even over long distances. The Paradigm 6 felt slightly softer at slower paces.


With an MSRP of $165 and $136, both the Hoka Bondi 8 and Altra Paradigm 6 offer excellent value for max-cushioned running shoes loaded with proprietary midsole foams.

Testers found both to be comfortable and durable options in their cushioning category. However, the Paradigm 6 is still a little cheaper than the Bondi 8.

Performance Comparison:

You now have a clear idea of the differences between the features of both shoes. In this section, we will see how both shoes deliver when it comes to performance.


The thick cushioning of the Bondi 8 and Paradigm 6 make them both excellent options for walking. The wide platforms enhance lateral stability for walking while the plush midsoles absorb impact with each step. The zero-drop design of the Paradigm 6 promotes a natural gait during walks.


Testers found both shoes provided sublime cushioning for easy recovery runs. The rocker profile of the Bondi 8 encouraged smooth transitions while the foot-shaped Paradigm 6 allowed a natural running gait.

The Paradigm 6 offered slightly better overall comfort for long runs due to its softer EgoMAX foam.


The ample underfoot cushioning of both models helps reduce strain on the plantar fascia ligament making them two of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. The Paradigm 6’s zero-drop design also encourages proper foot mechanics benefiting those with plantar fasciitis.


The plush midsoles of the Bondi 8 and Paradigm 6 make them two of the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. The EVA foam of the Bondi 8 retained cushioning for hours of wear while the EgoMAX foam of the Paradigm 6 had superior energy return when worn for extended periods.

Final Verdict:

If you want a neutral shoe with a secure fit, the Hoka Bondi 8 is an excellent max-cushioned option.

For those needing moderate stability or have wider feet, the Altra Paradigm 6 is likely the better choice.

Both provide sublime cushioning and shock absorption making them great for recovery runs and standing all day. Make sure to consider fit and stability needs when choosing between these well-padded running shoes.

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