Hoka Clifton 9 VS Brooks Ghost 15: What Should I Buy?

If you’re a runner looking for a comfortable, supportive daily training shoe, the Hoka One One Clifton 9 and Brooks Ghost 15 are two of the top options on the market.

Both shoes provide a cushioned ride and medium arch support, but they differ when it comes to weight, heel drop, and ideal runner profile. This in-depth comparison examines all the key specs and performance factors to help you decide which model is the better choice for your needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Clifton 9 And Brooks Ghost 15:

SpecsHoka Clifton 9Brooks Ghost 15
Launched In20232022
SizingRuns small, order 0.5 size upTrue to size
Weight8.7 oz9.9 oz
CushionHighly cushionedModerately cushioned
OutsoleRubberDurable rubber
MidsoleCMEVA foamDNA Loft foam
UpperEngineered meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$145$140

Features Comparison:

By now you know that both shoes bring exceptional stuff to the table. So to make your decision easier we are going to compare the features of Ghost 15 and Clifton 9 to see who excels.


The Clifton 9 uses a CMEVA foam midsole which provides a soft and responsive cushioned ride. The knit-engineered mesh upper is breathable and stretches to adapt to your foot. The rubber outsole is durable enough for mileage.

Clifton 9

Brooks Ghost 15

The Ghost 15 utilizes DNA Loft cushioning in the midsole for a moderately soft and responsive ride. The engineered mesh upper focuses on breathability and structure. A durable rubber outsole delivers traction.


The Clifton 9 has good longevity thanks to the durable rubber outsole and CMEVA foam midsole which maintains cushioning. The upper holds up well even over many miles.

The Ghost 15 is known for its high mileage durability. The DNA Loft foam retains cushioning properties and the rubber outsole grips well even when worn down. The structured upper also resists breakdown.


The Clifton 9 runs slightly small with a narrow toe box, so sizing up 0.5 size or trying the wide option is recommended for a better fit. It has a snug heel and midfoot.

Clifton 9 Top View

Brooks Ghost 15 TOP VIEW

The Ghost 15 has a true-to-size fit in the length and heel, with roomier toe box width. The midfoot has medium volume, accommodating many foot shapes.


As a neutral shoe, the Clifton 9 offers moderate midfoot stability from its structured CMEVA foam midsole. The low 5mm drop promotes natural stride.

With its 12mm drop, the Ghost 15 offers pronounced heel stability for mild overpronators. The midfoot has decent support from the DNA Loft platform.


The highly-cushioned Clifton 9 provides soft landings without feeling too mushy or unstable. The rockered geometry also smooths transitions.

The moderately cushioned Ghost 15 supplies cushioning for daily mileage without an overly plush feel. The DNA Loft foam is responsive yet protective.


The Clifton 9 comes with a premium $145 price tag typical of Hoka shoes, but fans of its cushy ride will find it a worthwhile investment.

At the price of $140 , the Ghost 15 delivers strong value with its durability, consistent fit, and versatility making it suitable for many mileage needs.

Performance Comparison:

Here we are going to see which model performs better in everyday tasks. This will help you make N informed choice between the Clifton 9 and Ghost 15.


The plush Clifton 9 cushioning absorbs shock effectively during walking, while the rocker design encourages forward momentum. The knit upper breathes well and stretches to accommodate feet swelling on longer walks.

The Ghost 15 has sufficient cushioning for walking comfort, though not as plush as the Clifton 9. The roomy toe box allows toes to splay naturally when walking and the structured upper maintains support.


The Clifton 9 is best for easy to moderate-pace training runs where runners can take advantage of the responsive cushioning and smooth heel-to-toe transitions. The breathable upper keeps feet cool on long distances.

The Ghost 15 provides a good balance of responsiveness and protection for daily runs up to marathon distances. The 12mm drop caters to heel strikers. It’s on the heavy side for truly fast-paced work.

Plantar Fasciitis

The soft CMEVA foam cushioning of the Clifton 9 helps absorb the impact that can aggravate plantar fasciitis. The stability prevents excess pronation motion. The upper accommodates orthotics well.

The DNA Loft platform in the Ghost 15 offers shock attenuation to relieve pressure on the plantar fascia while the snug heel counter locks in stability. The spacious upper fits custom orthotics.

Standing All Day

The Clifton 9’s plush foam midsole and rocker design limit foot fatigue from prolonged standing. The knit upper is accommodating if feet swell. The low drop keeps posture aligned.

The Ghost 15’s mid-level cushioning and structured upper provide adequate comfort for long hours of standing. The high drop isn’t ideal for all-day wear.

Final Verdict:

For runners needing a highly cushioned yet stable neutral trainer for recovery days and easy miles, the Hoka Clifton 9 is the winner with its soft and responsive ride. Go up 0.5 size for the best fit.

For those wanting a supportive and moderately cushioned daily trainer that can handle high mileage, the Brooks Ghost 15 takes the prize with its versatile cushioning and consistent fit.

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