Hoka Clifton 9 VS Asics Noosa Tri 15: What Should I Buy?

Finding the right running shoe can make all the difference when it comes to comfort, performance, and injury prevention. Two popular neutral cushioned running shoes to consider are the Hoka One One Clifton 9 and the Asics Noosa Tri 15.

Both offer responsive cushioning and soft landings, but they also have some key differences. Read on to see how these running shoes stack up across a variety of factors so you can decide which model may be the better choice for your running needs.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Clifton 9 And Asics Noosa Tri 15:

FeatureHoka Clifton 9Asics Noosa Tri 15
Launched In20232023
SizingMen’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11Men’s 7-13, Women’s 5-11
Weight9.2 oz (men’s size 9)7.8 oz (men’s size 9)
OutsoleRubberAHAR+ rubber
MidsoleCMEVA foamFlyteFoam
UpperEngineered meshBreathable mesh
Retail Price$145$130

Features Comparison:

Both Noosa Tri 15 and Clifton 9 are high quality shoes and deciding between them could be a struggle. So to make it easier we are going to compare features of both to see which is ideal for you.


The Clifton 9 uses a rubber outsole, a CMEVA foam midsole, and an engineered mesh upper. The engineered mesh upper provides structure and support. The CMEVA foam midsole gives high energy return and cushioning.

Clifton 9

Noosa Tri 15

The Noosa Tri 15 uses an AHAR+ rubber outsole for durability and traction. The FlyteFoam midsole gives responsive cushioning. The upper uses a very breathable and lightweight mesh material.


The Clifton 9 has a durable rubber outsole and a supportive engineered mesh upper, allowing it to hold up well over many miles of running. The foam midsole may compress over time.

The Noosa Tri 15 has an extremely durable AHAR+ rubber outsole that can handle many miles of use without much wear. The lightweight mesh upper may be less durable over time compared to the Clifton 9.


The Clifton 9 has a wider toe box, making it a good option for runners with wider feet. It fits true to size. The upper provides a secure midfoot wrap.

Clifton 9 Top View

Noosa Tri 15 TOP VIEW

The Noosa Tri 15 has a more tapered profile and snugger fit. It runs small, so sizing up half a size is recommended for the best fit. The upper material is very thin but still provides a decent midfoot lockdown.


Both the Clifton 9 and Noosa Tri 15 are neutral shoes appropriate for mild overpronators or supinators. The wide platform of the Clifton 9 provides inherent stability, while the Noosa Tri 15 offers midfoot structural support.


The Clifton 9 has a high level of plush cushioning from the CMEVA foam midsole. This makes it ideal for daily distance running and recovery days.

The Noosa Tri 15 has a lower profile and thinner midsole using FlyteFoam. This gives it a firmer, more responsive ride than the plush Clifton 9, better for speedwork.

Value for Money

The Clifton 9 has a moderate price point of $145. For everything this daily workhorse running shoe offers, including durable construction and maximum cushioning, it is an excellent value.

The Noosa Tri 15 costs $130, $15 less than the Clifton 9. The lightweight responsiveness and race-ready design make the price justified for the right runner. However, it lacks the versatility of the Clifton 9.

Performance Comparison:

Here we will analyze whether the performance of Clifton 9 is better than Noosa Tri 15 or it’s completely opposite. This will help you make an informed decision.

For Walking

The Clifton 9 provides a very comfortable walking shoe with its well-cushioned sole. The rockered geometry also encourages a natural heel-to-toe stride.

The Noosa Tri 15 lacks the same plush feel underfoot for longer walks. The lower drop also feels less stable at slower paces.

For Running

As a dedicated daily trainer, the Clifton 9 excels at moderate-paced runs up to half marathon distance. The cushioning absorbs impact to reduce fatigue.

The Noosa Tri 15 is better suited for faster-paced runs, tempo runs, and race day. The snappy toe-off gives excellent energy return at speed.

For Plantar Fasciitis

The Clifton 9 provides excellent cushioned support for Plantar Fasciitis thanks to the soft yet stable midsole foam. The rockered design also encourages proper form to reduce strain.

The lower drop and thinner midsole of the Noosa Tri 15 offer less cushioning and may not relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain as effectively.

For Standing All Day

The Clifton 9 is an excellent choice for standing all day with its well-cushioned midsole and a wide base that distributes body weight evenly. It will reduce fatigue in the feet and body.

The Noosa Tri 15 has less cushioning and support for all-day standing. The thinner sole would likely cause uncomfortable pressure points sooner.

Final Verdict:

For versatile daily training with maximum cushioning, the Hoka One One Clifton 9 is the better choice. It offers soft landings without sacrificing support in a durable package.

However, runners looking for a lightweight, race-ready shoe will prefer the Asics Noosa Tri 15. It provides a responsive and energetic ride for faster paces.

Determine your running needs and style to decide which of these neutral trainers is the better pick for you. Both are high-quality running shoes but are optimized for different types of runs and feet. Trying them to assess the fit and feel is also recommended.

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