Saucony Omni 21 VS Omni 22: What Should I Buy?

The Saucony Omni series has long been a top choice for runners who overpronate and need maximal stability in their shoes. Two of the latest models, the Omni 21 and Omni 22, deliver the signature support and comfort the series is known for.

In this in-depth comparison, we dive into the key features and performance of these two stability shoes to help you decide which Omni version is the best fit for your needs and running style. Whether you prefer the proven Omni 21 or the upgraded Omni 22, read on to see how these shoes stack up.

Similarities And Differences Between Saucony Omni 21 And Omni 22:

FeaturesSaucony Omni 21Saucony Omni 22
Launched In20222024
SizingMen’s 7-15, Women’s 5-12Men’s 7-13
Weight11.1 oz (men), 9.6 oz (women)10.1 oz (men’s 10)
OutsoleXT-900 rubberXT-900 rubber
UpperEngineered mesh, FORMFITEngineered mesh
Retail Price$140$140

Features Comparison:


The Omni 21 and Omni 22 have similar constructions, with engineered mesh uppers, PWRRUN midsoles, and XT-900 rubber outsoles providing stability, cushioning, and durability.


The Omni 22 has a streamlined engineered mesh upper while the Omni 21 combines mesh with Saucony’s FORMFIT technology for a more adaptive fit. Both use flexible, durable outsoles and Saucony’s signature PWRRUN foam in the midsole for responsiveness.


These shoes are built to last, with reviewers of both models praising their longevity. The XT-900 outsoles hold up well over hundreds of miles of wear, as does the durable mesh upper material.

Both shoes should provide runners with reliable stability and cushioning for well over 300 miles of use before signs of wear appear. The Omni 21 may have a slight edge with its FORMFIT upper that maintains structure longer.


The Omni 22 has a true-to-size fit that accommodates most foot shapes. The engineered mesh upper is softer and more flexible than previous Omni versions for comfortable wear.



The Omni 21 has a slightly wider fit and uses FORMFIT technology for an adaptive, dynamic fit that molds to the foot. Those with wider feet may prefer the Omni 21’s roomier toe box. Both models lock the heel in place securely.


Stability is the standout feature of both the Omni 21 and Omni 22. As Saucony’s premier stability shoes, they offer maximum support and pronation control through a variety of technologies.

Both utilize a firmer medial post and PWRRUN foam to prevent overpronation and GUIDERAILS in the outsole for smoother transitions. The Omni 21’s FORMFIT upper adapts to the foot to keep it securely aligned, while the Omni 22’s engineered mesh upper provides a locked-in fit.

Testers report excellent stability results in both shoes, with no clear winner. Runners who need pronation control can trust the Omni series to keep their foot stable mile after mile. These shoes are stability powerhouses.


The PWRRUN foam midsole provides a good balance of responsiveness and shock absorption in both shoes, though not as plush as more heavily cushioned shoes. The 8mm drop offers adequate heel cushioning without being too high.

The Omni 21 may feel slightly softer due to its FORMFIT upper that adapts to the foot. The cushioning level is moderate but suitable for most training runs up to marathon distance.

Value for Money:

With the Omni 21 and Omni 22 now both retailing for $140, these stability shoes represent an excellent value for runners. At this lower price point, the Omni series provides premium stability, cushioning, and durability without breaking the bank.

$140 is very reasonable pricing for high-quality running shoes designed for overpronators. The Omni 21 and Omni 22 cost significantly less than competing stability models from brands like Brooks and Asics.

Runners on a budget will appreciate the support and performance delivered by the Omni 21 and Omni 22 at this affordable $140 price tag. Both shoes are a great value for overpronators in need of stability.

Performance Comparision:

For Walking:

The Omni shoes provide cushioning and support during walking, though they are heavier than shoes made just for walking. The stability features help control overpronation and absorption for walking.

The Omni 22 may feel slightly softer and bouncier thanks to its updated midsole foam. Those with wide feet may prefer the roomier toe box of the Omni 21 for comfort on long walks.

For Running:

Both models are excellent stability shoes for overpronators, providing top-tier motion control, cushioning, and responsiveness during runs. The Omni 22 offers a smoother transition from heel to toe for a more natural gait cycle. The Omni 21’s FORMFIT upper adapts better to the changing shape of the foot when running. Either shoe works great for running, short to long distances.

For Plantar Fasciitis:

The moderate cushioning, stability, and arch support in both Omnis can help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain during running or walking. The Omni 22 may provide slightly better cushioning around the heel due to its softer engineered mesh upper material. Those with wider feet may get better relief in the roomier Omni 21. Overall, both are great options for plantar fasciitis.

For Standing All Day:

The Omni shoes provide good cushioning and support for extended periods of standing or walking, making them suitable for jobs that require being on your feet.

The Omni 22’s softer upper may improve comfort during long periods of standing. Both have excellent shock absorption and stabilize the foot well compared to regular walking or fashion sneakers.

Final Verdict:

For most overpronators, it’s hard to go wrong with either the trusted Omni 21 or the updated Omni 22. The Omni 22 makes incremental improvements in cushioning and transition smoothness that some will appreciate. But the Omni 21 still holds its own as a stable, durable workhorse. Choosing between the two comes down primarily to fit and pricing:

  • If you prefer a wider toe box and adaptive upper, the Omni 21 is the better choice.

  • If you want a softer, smoother ride with recent updates, the Omni 22 is worth the upgrade. It fits most foot shapes well.

Whichever model you land on, you’ll get a premium stability shoe engineered for overpronators who need comfort, support, and durability from their running shoe. Both the Omni 21 and Omni 22 are excellent options that will provide hundreds of miles of comfortable, stable mileage.

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