Are Nike React Ryz 365 Good for Running?

Running shoes are one of the most important pieces of gear for runners. Choosing the right pair that matches your running style, foot shape, and typical running surfaces can make a huge difference in comfort, performance, and injury prevention.

Nike’s React line of running shoes aim to provide a soft and springy responsive ride. But are the Nike React Ryz 365 a good option specifically for runners? Let’s take a detailed look.

What are the Nike React Ryz 365?

The Nike React Ryz 365 are neutral road running shoes that are part of Nike’s popular React foam line. They were first released in 2019 and remain one of Nike’s budget-friendly options for runners looking for responsive cushioning.

Some key features and specs of the Nike React Ryz 365:

  • Weight: 11oz for men’s size 10, 9oz for women’s size 8 (fairly lightweight)
  • Heel-to-Toe Offset: 10mm (provides some heel lift)
  • Midsole Cushioning: Full-length React foam (Nike’s proprietary responsive foam)
  • Outsole Rubber: Solid rubber in heel, translucent rubber in forefoot
  • Upper: Mesh and synthetic with minimal overlays
  • Average Price: $85 USD (budget-friendly for Nike running shoe)

React Foam Midsole

The primary technology that sets the Nike React Ryz 365 apart is the React foam cushioning used in the full-length midsole. This lightweight foam aims to provide soft comfort and bounce-back responsiveness.

Nike React foam contains rubber and a proprietary resin material called EVA. The foam microstructure is designed in a way to maximize energy return, reducing exertion on your legs and feet. The result is a soft but responsive ride that offers impact protection without excessive sinking or loss of energy.

The midsole geometry also includes a rocker design that aims to promote a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Overall, the React foam provides a balanced cushioned and energetic feel.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The upper on the Nike React Ryz 365 is made of a breathable mesh material. This improves ventilation during runs to keep your feet cool and dry.

Synthetic overlays are minimal, reducing irritation for some runners. The padded tongue and collar aim to improve comfort around the ankle.

Reviewers do note that the upper runs quite narrow, especially in the toe box area. So the Ryz 365 may not be suitable for those needing a wide toe box.

Durable Outsole Rubber

The outsole utilizes solid rubber in the heel area for durability and traction. Softer blown rubber is used in the forefoot to keep weight down.

Flex grooves along the outsole promote natural flexibility when going through the footstrike. The pattern aims to provide reliable grip on roads and light trails.

Performance for Running

So how do the materials, cushioning, and design of the Nike React Ryz 365 translate to running performance? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Cushioning: The React foam provides soft yet responsive cushioning without excessive sinking. Enough protection for longer road runs but not overly plush.
  • Impact Protection: The foam cushioning absorbs impact well and the rocker geometry helps create a smooth transition. Good for runners needing more shock absorption.
  • Energy Return: Testers found the React foam delivered nice bounce-back and energy return, reducing leg fatigue over the course of a run. Provides propulsion.
  • Flexibility: The outsole and midsole allow decent flexibility to flow through the footstrike. Not the most flexible but enough freedom of movement for heel to toe transitions.
  • Traction: The outsole rubber has an aggressive enough lug pattern to provide good traction and grip on dry road surfaces. Can handle light trails. Not ideal for technical terrain or wet conditions due to minimal lugs.
  • Breathability: The mesh upper allows for good airflow to keep feet cool and dry, even during longer runs. Not waterproof.
  • Weight: Fairly lightweight at 9-11oz depending on sizing, which contributes to a nimble feel.

The combination of responsive cushioning, durable traction, and breathable lightweight design makes the Nike React Ryz 365 well-suited for road running training and races from 5K to marathon distance. The energetic midsole makes them a good option for uptempo runs and workouts too.

They can handle dirt trails and mild trails, but are not grippy enough for challenging technical terrain. Also best for dry conditions given the minimal outsole lugs.

Sizing and Fit

The Nike React Ryz 365 fits snug in the heel and midfoot with a tighter toe box, best for narrow to average width feet. The lacing system allows for some cinching adjustment around the midfoot.

Most testers recommend sizing up a half or full size, especially if you have wider feet or prefer some additional toe room. But those with narrow feet may be able to get away with their standard running shoe size.

As with any shoe, it’s best to try on in-store if possible to get the right size for your foot shape and running needs. Expect a bit of break-in time to adjust to the React foam cushioning.

Weight Recommendations

The React foam midsole aims to provide a good balance of soft, responsive cushioning without excessive sinking or instability. The foam is dense enough to support heavier runners, though very heavy runners over 230lbs may find it compresses too much.

Lighter runners under 150lbs can still appreciate the lively energy return of the React foam without an overly stiff feel. So the Nike React Ryz 365 can accommodate a wide range of runner weights.

Pros and Cons

Here are some summarized pros and cons for the Nike React Ryz 365 based on tester feedback:


  • Responsive and energetic React foam cushioning
  • Lightweight for a cushioned shoe
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Durable outsole rubber
  • Smooth rocker geometry for transitions
  • Good value for a Nike running shoe
  • Roomy toe box for some width options


  • Runs narrow, especially in toe box
  • Minimal outsole lugs limit wet/traction performance
  • Not ideal for technical terrain or trails
  • Lack of support features for overpronators
  • Durability concerns on upper around 150 miles

Best Uses

The combination of features makes the Nike React Ryz 365 a good option for:

  • Road running training and racing 5K to marathon distances
  • Uptempo workouts and faster pace runs
  • Runner looking for responsive cushioning without excess padding
  • Neutral runners needing bounce-back and energy return to reduce fatigue
  • Logging daily miles or long distances at an easy pace

Runner Types Best Suited to the Ryz 365

These runner profiles could do well in the Nike React Ryz 365:

  • Neutral runners with medium to high arches
  • Midfoot strikers
  • Narrower foot shapes
  • Heavier runners under 230lbs
  • Those looking for responsiveness in a budget-friendly Nike option

Runner Types Who May Not Love the Ryz 365

These runner profiles may want to look at other options:

  • Those needing supportive stability features
  • Severe overpronators
  • Runners needing a wider toe box
  • Heavy runners over 230lbs
  • Trail runners or those needing aggressive grip
  • Very lightweight runners under 130lbs

Top Alternatives to Consider

Runners who don’t find the Ryz 365 suitable for their needs may want to consider some of these alternatives in the Nike line or from other brands:

  • Nike Pegasus – A bit more versatile and better for wider feet
  • Nike React Infinity Run – More stability features
  • Brooks Ghost – A smoother neutral cushioned option
  • Saucony Ride – Similar responsive cushioning at lower price point
  • Hoka Rincon/Clifton – More plush and soft cushioning
  • New Balance 880 – A touch more stability and structure


The Nike React Ryz 365 offers runners responsive, energetic cushioning from the React foam at an affordable price point for the Nike brand. The shoe is best suited for neutral runners with narrower feet seeking soft yet lively cushioning for road runs and workouts up to marathon distance.

The breathable upper, smooth transitions, and durable outsole add to a lightweight package built for speed and comfort over long miles. While not ideal for all foot shapes or technical terrain, the Ryz 365 is a budget-friendly Nike option worth considering for road running.


Still have some questions about the Nike React Ryz 365? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How durable is the outsole?

The combination of solid rubber in the heel and softer blown rubber in the forefoot delivers decent durability for a lightweight running shoe. Most testers get 300-400 miles before noticing significant outsole wear.

What sizes are available?

The Nike React Ryz 365 is available in standard D medium widths for men in sizes 7-15. Women’s sizes are 5-12 in B medium widths. Some colorways have wider availability than others.

Do they work for walking and casual use?

The soft React foam provides comfortable cushioning during everyday wear. The low-profile design works well athleisure wear. Just note the snugger fit may not be ideal for wide feet.

Do they need a break-in period?

The React foam has a noticeably firm feel out of the box that softens up over the first 10-20 miles. Allow around 15-30 miles of usage for the foam to fully conform to your foot shape.

Can flat-footed runners wear them?

The Ryz 365 does not have specific stability features to support flat feet and severe overpronation. A neutral shoe like the Nike Pegasus may be better for flat feet.

How is the sizing compared to other Nike shoes?

The Ryz 365 runs shorter and narrower than comparable Nike models like the Pegasus and Infinity Run. Most recommend sizing up at least a half, if not a full size up.

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