Hoka Stinson ATR 6 VS Stinson 7: What Should I Buy?

Exploring the great outdoors requires the right footwear to keep you comfortable and supported on every adventure. When it comes to trail running shoes, the Hoka Stinson 6 and Stinson 7 are two top contenders vying for your attention.

But which one truly reigns supreme? Get ready to dive deep into the details and discover which of these rugged companions is the perfect fit for your next off-road journey.

Similarities And Differences Between Hoka Stinson ATR 6 and Stinson 7:

FeatureHoka Stinson ATR 6Hoka Stinson 7
Launched In20202023
StabilityGreat stabilityVery stable on roads/non-technical trails
FlexibilityQuite rigidModerate
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Weight11.6 oz (men’s), 11.2 oz (women’s)12.7 oz (men’s), 10.8 oz (women’s)
CushionMaximally cushionedHighly cushioned
OutsoleOversized VibramMulti-directional lugs
MidsoleCMEVA foamH-Frame™ and Active Foot Frame™ technology
UpperBreathable engineered meshEngineered jacquard mesh
Retail Price$160$170

Features Comparison:

1) Material: Outsole, Insole, Upper

The Hoka Stinson ATR 6 boasts an oversized Vibram outsole, offering unparalleled traction on various terrains. Its CMEVA foam midsole provides exceptional cushioning, while the breathable engineered mesh upper ensures optimal ventilation during your adventures.

Hoka Stinson ATR 6


On the other hand, the Hoka Stinson 7 features multi-directional lugs on its outsole, designed for versatile traction on roads and non-technical trails. The midsole incorporates H-Frame™ and Active Foot Frame™ technology, promising a stable and responsive ride. The engineered jacquard mesh upper prioritizes durability and breathability.

2) Durability:

Both the Stinson ATR 6 and Stinson 7 are renowned for their durability, thanks to Hoka’s commitment to quality construction using premium materials. The Stinson ATR 6’s oversized Vibram outsole and CMEVA foam midsole are designed to withstand the rigors of technical trails, providing longevity even after extensive use.

The Stinson 7’s jacquard mesh upper may offer slightly better durability compared to the engineered mesh of the Stinson 6, ensuring the shoe holds up well through repeated road-to-trail adventures. Proper care and maintenance can further extend the lifespan of these robust trail companions.

3) Fit:

The Stinson ATR 6 is praised for its true-to-size fit, allowing runners to order their normal shoe size with confidence. The breathable engineered mesh upper hugs the foot snugly yet comfortably, providing a secure and flexible fit.

However, it’s still recommended to try the shoe on, especially for those with wider or narrower feet, as fit can vary based on individual foot shapes and volumes. The locked-in fit ensures your feet remain stable and comfortable, even during demanding trail runs or ultramarathons.

Hoka Stinson ATR 6 Top View


While the Stinson 7 emphasizes maximum stability and cushioning, its engineered jacquard mesh upper and overall stiffer construction may require a break-in period for some runners. The snugger fit aims to lock down the foot securely, but it can take some wear before achieving an optimal, customized fit and feel.

4) Stability:

Stability is a forte for both shoes, with the Stinson ATR 6 boasting “great stability” and the Stinson 7 being “very stable on roads and non-technical trails.” However, the Stinson 7’s stability may be compromised on technical or uneven terrain due to its high stack height.

5) Cushioning:

Both shoes prioritize cushioning, with the Stinson ATR 6 being “maximally cushioned” and the Stinson 7 described as “highly cushioned.” The Stinson ATR 6 may offer slightly more underfoot comfort, while the Stinson 7’s cushioning is tailored for road-to-trail versatility.

6) Value for Money:

Considering the retail prices of $160 for the Stinson ATR 6 and $170 for the Stinson 7, both shoes offer excellent value for their respective features and intended uses.

However, the Stinson ATR 6 may be the more cost-effective option if you primarily run on technical trails, whereas the Stinson 7 may not perform as well. You can also find Stinson Atr 6 for some dollars less on Amazon however it’s not available on Hoka’s official site

Performance Comparision:

1) For Walking:

Both the Stinson ATR 6 and Stinson 7 excel at walking, thanks to their plush cushioning and stable platforms. The Stinson ATR 6’s maximally cushioned sole and oversized outsole provide exceptional comfort and traction on various surfaces, making it an excellent choice for long walks or hikes. The Stinson 7, with its highly cushioned midsole and road-to-trail versatility, is also a reliable option for walking on well-maintained trails or city streets.

2) For Running

When it comes to running, the Stinson ATR 6 shines on technical trails, thanks to its rigid construction and aggressive outsole. Its maximally cushioned midsole also makes it an excellent choice for long-distance runs and ultramarathons.

However, the Stinson 7 may be the better option for road-to-trail running or non-technical trail running, where its cushioning and stability are tailored for those environments.

3) For Plantar Fasciitis

Both shoes offer ample cushioning, which can be beneficial for runners suffering from plantar fasciitis. The Stinson ATR 6’s maximally cushioned midsole may provide slightly more relief, but the Stinson 7’s cushioning and stability are also well-suited for this condition. Ultimately, consulting with a professional and trying on both shoes would be the best approach to determine which one works better for your specific needs.

4) For Standing All Day

If you spend long hours on your feet, either shoe could be a viable option. The Stinson ATR 6’s maximally cushioned sole and stable platform can provide excellent support and comfort for extended standing periods. Similarly, the Stinson 7’s highly cushioned midsole and stable design can help alleviate fatigue during prolonged standing or walking.

final verdict:

Choosing between the Hoka Stinson ATR 6 and Stinson 7 ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you primarily tackle technical trails, favor stability and traction over flexibility, and prioritize comfort for long-distance runs or ultramarathons, the Hoka Stinson ATR 6 is the clear winner. Its maximally cushioned midsole, oversized Vibram outsole, and rigid construction make it an exceptional choice for conquering challenging terrains.

However, if you split your time between roads and non-technical trails, value versatility, and prefer a slightly more responsive ride, the Hoka Stinson 7 might be the better option. Its road-to-trail capabilities, highly cushioned midsole with H-Frame™ and Active Foot Frame™ technology, and multi-directional lugs cater to a wider range of running environments.

Ultimately, both shoes exemplify Hoka’s commitment to cushioning and stability, but their nuanced features cater to different running preferences and terrains. By carefully considering your specific needs and trying on both shoes, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and embark on your adventures with the perfect trail companion.

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